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    So I have used Nexbox A95X ( A95X-B7N) for almost a year, installed Libreelec on maybe 15 pieces. But lately there is a new problem on 2 of the boxes received. They are extremly slow under Android, and Libreelec is not possible to install as it can`t access the internal storage. "

    Backing up device tree...done.

    Formatting SYSTEM partition...The file /dev/system does not exist and no size was specified.

    Found out the 2 boxes with problems have another NAND chip.

    OK: Samsung KLM8G1WEPD-B031


    Please driver to NAND EUDAR ?


    remote.conf from android does not work on libreelec. Where is the error? Please help....

    dobrý den,

    Hello, I am sorry, I do not speak english I have an android IPTV box with Amilogic S905W CPU. Can not boot libreelec over microsd card. Only the logo on the monitor is lit when the card is inserted. After removing the card, the box is turned on androd. I do not have the correct Will anyone help?


    I have another box with the S905X CPU where everything is OK