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    Hello guys

    I am running libreelec latest wrxstasy build on an amlogic TV box s912 and an lg oled b7 TV.

    I have several 10bit depth 4k hdr videos on my server, is there a way to view if my media are actually playing 10bit playback and not 8bit on my TV box .

    I ve done some research but couldn't figure this out myself.continually Pressing information button on kore Android app(remote app) gets me some information but not that.

    Any help appreciated.

    What I thought is the TV box does most of the work in that case, so the Nas in that case is like plugging an external HDD to it's usb ports , isn't that correct ?

    thanks for all the responses guys!

    so i did a little test i put the remux file to my internal hdd has read/write of 110MB/s

    Playback the movie to my kodi device and run task manager on my pc to see the load

    The NFS server for Windows(32bit) process takes up to 4% of my cpu load and 1 mb of ram and 80Mbbs of network.

    so now my pc is an old [email protected] with 8 gigs of ram running windows 10

    As i see it, playback the file in kodi doesnt stress the pc at all so almost any nas should be able to do that? i would put wd red's inside the NAS anyway since they have 120mb read/write thts better than my hdd inside the pc. is that right?

    Nothing extra that i have in mind ,just me pointing the Nas from Kodi and stream those files is great, the one i am looking has read/write of 100Mb/s as specs.

    I already have every port and cable gigabit capable .

    It's purely for file sharing but I don't like it been on every time i watch TV. Plus accessing my media over network is nice.

    I just don't want to buy a Nas and playback on Kodi been choppy , not sure if it's a noob question probably is lol

    Hello guys ,not sure if it's the right place to ask

    I have an amlogic TV box running libreelec and some remuxes 4k files that are pretty huge , currently I am running my pc as a NAs sharing my media over the lan (pc running win 10) using NFS protocol and its fine.

    I want to buy a real Nas though, is it every Nas capable of doing the same job as my pc(stream 4k flawless over lan) or their limited to their specs? Specifically looking at WD cloud ex cos their not so expensive.

    Any feedback appreciated.

    Have same remote but red botton (power on/off) not working :(

    (h96+ pro 3/32 gb)

    Help! :)

    I have the s912 h96 pro +, power off (red button) does work, but power On doesn't.,help!(i used both pelican's conf and from post#4, same outcome)

    here's the logfile....

    furthermore when i shutdown libreelec the next boot is with android allways and then i have to shutdown android and the next boot is with libreelec etcetera ... :o

    this happens every time .

    i tried different SD ,nand dtb , even updated android firmware

    As in android using root browser i see a system folder as data/system is that the same as dev/system? there is also a system folder placed at first directory as i open the brower.

    can i issue the installtointernal command to look there somehow?

    Hello , sorry if i m posting this at wrong place but couldnt find any info .

    I have a nexbox s905x 2gb 8gb rom tv box,i have my SD card ready with libreelec 8 build ready and i m trying to issue the installtointernal command

    but i get this message in putty :

    Backing up device tree...done.

    Formatting SYSTEM partition...The file /dev/system does not exist and no size was specified.

    what am i doing wrong ? i couldnt find any info anywhere and i m total noob with ssh.