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    Oh, i thought your addon is purely for calibration and not for touchscreen support itself. So i either get multitouch without your addon or a calibrated screen with your addon?


    thanks to the help of vpeter over in this thread, I was able to calibrate my touchscreen with LibreELEC. I'm currently using the estouchy skin, but noticed that i cant drag lists or use any gesture except a simple click at all. Worst example is the home list on the left hand side (music, pictures, videos etc.) which scrolls down on its own when holding a click on the lower end of the list, but it doesnt scroll back up when i do the same near the top.

    On the kodi wiki there are two more global gestures, but those dont work either, are there extra steps necessary to get gestures to work?

    In file (where you changed TOUCHSCREEN_NAME) at the end of file try adding

    export TSLIB_TOUCH_HOME_TIME=200

    Then cursor should disappear after 200 milliseconds. After reboot of course :)

    Perfect :) On the wiki, there are some default touch gestures described, but i cant use anything besides a simple left click, does multitouch need extra settings? doesnt have a line like that though... Should I just add it?

    EDIT: Found it, will report in a few minutes.

    EDIT 2: Success! Thanks a lot for your help! Do you happen to know how to hide the cursor as well? ;) Also, multitouch gestures dont seem to work, is that a skin thing?

    Its the faytech 10" capacitive touch monitor (FT10TMBCAP). Does work with evtest. By name do you mean the event name, if so yes.

    Status shows:

    Fair enough, I assumed that the addon now handles everything. I copied these two files as instructed from Grruhn's post, but with the same result.

    Thanks, I've found it! However when trying to run it, it just keeps loading infinitely displaying the two blue circles rotating...


    I've tried to use the image provided by Grruhn to calibrate my faytech touchscreen, but all that comes up when i try to open the calibration addon is a black box...

    How do I get the addon on the latest LibreELEC release? You said it's on the repository, but after looking to install it from within kodi, i couldnt find it listed anywhere. Do I need to add it outside of kodi?