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    I use netflix on the nightly’s happily. Sometimes netflix addon gives error on connecting but reinstalling/reupdate has always resolved this. And you have to follow the nightly thread to keep a lookout for possible issues.

    Must admit that netflix and vpn are only out of the ordinary things I use.

    Hi, hoping not to open up wounds, I am not to active here: I use nightly of Libreelec 9. Currently build 1004. No problems here. It worked on the stable 8.0.2 and 8.2 as well. The download is indeed huge for NordVPN. As mentioned I think: I always cancel the first connection after download and do it separate as validation of the first connection. For me as mentioned I think, it was essential to use the up/down scripts. Hope you get your issue solved.


    As a side note: if you timeout on the download/update you might consider adding the one connection as user defined.

    Ok, will keep an eye on it. Guess that Leia being still in alfa, this might not be most important issue yet... And it is possible to make it work with workaround, so I will give it some time.

    forlotto: I just want to mention that I also use NordVPN and it works fine with me (Thx zomboided for your plugin!).

    I had to enable the default up/down scripts as well, so maybe that might be the issue?

    zomboided: on Kodi 18 (Leia) the addon-filter plugin selection pages do not work, but when edited into the settings.xml, it will function. Do you happen to know how to get the interface also working?