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    I have the "same" remote. try this, you will need to change the name to remote.conf & put it into \storage\config

    reboot the box.

    Note, I have modified a couple of buttons.

    If it doesn't work, look for the thread, creating a remote from scratch

    I appriciate your help but I dont know - non of the config are working.

    Iam logging into the box with ftp root. the file goes into .config right? This is the only folder where I found the old remote.conf

    rebooting the box, but nothing happens. I also switchted the batteries of the remote.

    What iam doing wrong?

    Please help, have been trying for 3 weeks to get this remote working. It came with a Hamswan OTT TV Box (MXQ S805), it's slightly different to the one that comes with most other MXQ boxes and I can't find a remote.conf that works.

    I have this remote and trying now also since weeks.. but none of the configs are working.

    Does anybody have any suggestion?