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    We're getting closer :) The script stops Hyperion but doesn't open it on keypress again.

    Thank you at least I get a reaction from the key now. This is what the Log says. (switching Hyperion on & off still not working)

    Hey vpeter,

    Look at the 3rd image. I posted it on imgur as writen above.


    Hello guys, sorry for not responding so long - I have been on vacation for 3 weeks.

    I uploaded images of all the files I used, the file system and the kodi log when I press the button. I hope someone can tell me what the heck I am doing wrong :(

    Note: the "doublequote" Button is the alternate binding on my remotes "@" key - I also used a variety of other keybindings but non of them seem to work.

    It also says in the Log that the button is pressed but there is no action afterwards.



    Hey guys,

    first of all thank you for all the responds you gave me.

    But I am still kinda stuck. I used vpeters scripts and assigned the insert key with it. I also bought a remote where I assigned different keys with the script. (Added the script for the remote in the remote.xml)

    None of this seems to work. When I use the Mac Terminal and trail the kodi.log to see which keypress is recognized it shows me the key but after "action" there is nothing displayed.

    If the script would be assigned correctly wouldnt there be a action assigned in the kodi.log?

    Thanks in advance!

    What is the blue key for? Is it the blue key on a remote? As I said i am using a keyboard and dont know where there should be a blue Key ;) Insert is the Insert Key from the keyboard.

    When i create the Script with blue Key i dont know what Key to press on the keyboard. But I will for sure Check the tail command out.

    Thanks alot so far!

    this is as far as I get...

    created the sh file - worked.

    created the remote.xml - worked

    But when I now try to press the "Insert" Button on my Keyboard nothing happens. This is what my script looks like

    1. <keyboard>
    2. <key id="insert">system.exec("/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.hyperion/")</key>
    3. </keyboard>

    Is that wrong? Sorry as I said I'm pretty much a noob... If I use insert or VK_INSERT does not make a difference... I also tried the codes from the kodi.log but still no change (in kodi wiki there is said something about a decimal number in the log file but there just was none. only hex and text just as "homepage" when I tried the homepage button)

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: Seh grade ich glaube wir können auch DEUTSCH schreiben ;)

    Hi everyone,

    first of I'm a beginner. I have a RPi3 with Libreelec and tried to install Spotify Connect Web and Librespot.

    Spotify Connect Web always tells me my Username and password is wrong and at Librespot I just can't find a way to click the "RUN" button as it is grey :(

    What am I doing wrong?

    Note: I do not have the appkey file as I just requested it some minutes ago...

    Thanks in advance!