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    ok maybe this will be easier i finally got the box to boot from Sd card with LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.3-M8S-PLUS This is the right Software for this box everything works anyway BUT how can i program the box with it? there is only an IMG file and update file if i use the update file it only updates the SD card i want ot flash the TV box?

    is there a file device tree (for the network cat5) that i can move from a working box to the none working box?

    le won't let me change anything when DHCP is on

    Going to try this Again I have one of these Matricom G-Box Q² Android TV Streaming Media Mini PC [2GB/16GB/4K] Quad/Octo Core, BUT it was the first Gen Matricom G-Box Q Specs are all the same buy has a S802 CPU I programed it with LibreELEC M8 it's a Works Perfect, I bought a Few of The Q2's I be leave everything is the same BUT has a S812 CPU when i tried to program with M8 Brick's the box I have played around with a few Different Versions of the s812 Software only one i found that half way works is the M8S Plus but the remote don't work and the network cat5 tree is wrong Wifi does work, I have got The remote to work but not the cat5 Settings are correct in The networks settings I see that People on her have these boxes but never found what LibreELEC version of software works for this box, Thanks

    I'm with you i have no clue what software to use, I have been using the First Gen Q box for years running the M8 Software with NO problems at all, i have bricked 2 of the Q2 Boxes so far, I have LibreELEC-Amlogic.arm-M8SPlus-8.2.5-update installed in it now BUT found the remote will not work and the Network Cat5 settings are all wrong (Gives a Ip address) Wifi does work, I fixed the Remote problem

    Well Brick another i have 1 Left works with M8s Plus But the remote and cat5 internet don't work (Gives a weird IP address anyway to fix those?

    I will try it's a Matricom g-box Q2 that's what they call it First was the just G-Box Q 802 CPU then they came out The Q2 Version it has a 812s CPU

    I have never owned a Q3 comes with Android Nougat 7.1 S905xx CPU

    After Reading on here Alot I'm Still a little confused on what is the Right LibreELEC Software is, I tried the LibreELEC-Amlogic.arm-M8-8.0.2 Works Perfect in The 802 CPU BUt will brick a Q2 with 812 CPU, After Reading I tried The LibreELEC-Amlogic.arm-M8SPlus-8.2.5-update it loads and works but the remote doesn't also cat5 internet does not work Wifi does i let it take an update it wanted to install x8 Version went into endless reboot

    I installed the Android Software back in it tried again this time updated with LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2-M8 works but still no remote and cat5 internet

    I have a Q1 i use LibreELEC 8.0.2 upgrade to 8.2.5 with no problems I have a Q2 now tried using that software Brick it what the Minimum for Q2?

    or what Software do i need