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    I've been using Libreelec for years now, running on devices varying from Raspberry Pi to an overpowered Intel NUC. This last one has been my main box for years, but I've recently bought a 4K TV and it doesn't support 4K/HDR. I was thinking of buying a new NUC, but due to reported HD audio issues I chose to try one of these babies.

    I've bought a memobox T95n s905x box on aliexpress for 28 euros. 2GB / 8GB version. Easy to install libreelec, no extra config needed. Most 4K files work, some demo's buffer, probably due to the 100mbit LAN connector. It plays HDR, but not HLG. Very satisfied with this little box. The one thing I can't get working 100% is the remote. Apart from lacking dedicated play, pause and stop buttons, the remote has enough to control Kodi.

    For now, I've attached my MCE remote receiver (which is bigger than the T95n) via USB and that controls everything like my NUC did.