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    Hi, I just did clean install of the latest release (LibreELEC-MXIII_Plus.arm-LE9-Kodi_18.6) and fast forwarding of any video file either makes the system unresponsive until restart or freezes the video leaving audio playing in the background.

    jotter as i didnt exactly clear out your report can you please elaborate a bit more?

    RC3 performs better or worst vs RC2?

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Instead of the digital noise previously produced when a DD/DTS file is played, with RC3 now I get no audio for a few seconds. It's still not working correctly, but at least the annoying noise is gone, so I guess RC3 is better.

    Just did a fresh install of RC3 with the same settings: DD passthrough/DTS enabled, audio device "ALSA: AML-M8AUDIO,HDMI". Tested DD and DTS files, both work fine. The digital noise is gone when opening/scrolling through a file. However, it takes a few seconds for the audio to start playing (the receiver switches to DD/DTS during that time). It is not a problem with the receiver as I use it with other devices as well.

    I have MXIII-G and LE 8.2 RC2 plays both DTS and Dolby Digital (when passthrough and DTS are enabled). The box is connected to the TV over HDMI, then the TV carries audio to the receiver (2001 Pioneer, supports DD/DTS) over optical. The only issue is that during the first few seconds of playing both Dolby Digital and DTS files only digital noise is produced, and then it starts working.