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    First off - Great work on this - Many thanks!

    I was stuck using MrMC on an apple tv and kodi on a NUC5PPYH till I realized I could actually run 2160p on a box that cost less than the SSD on the NUC

    The display in use is a Samsung JS9000 which is a true 10bit panel hooked to a Marantz SR6010 that fully supports 10bit

    I installed the current kszaq 8.2 version Amlogic s905x box till I realized I probably need this fork

    However, I do have a very fundamental question

    I tried playing back a 10 bit video which was reported by the AVR as 8 bit

    Subsequently, I enabled 10bit on the box by setting the class attribute as follows (on the original kszaq 8.2 commit)

    echo '444,10bit' > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr

    However,now the AVR reports 10bit>10bit at all times, i.e. not only while playing a 10bit video but even regular 8 bit videos

    Short of copying said files on a USB drive and running a visual comparison between playback off the USB drive on the TV vs Kodi, is there anyway to conclusively determine what bit depth Kodi is actually sending out the output as?