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    It looks like we're missing some dependencies/lib to be able to run VSXu properly on LE, but i will continue checking it out.

    As of now here is what i got working/fixed from the LE repo;
    - projectM visualization
    - Solarwinds screensaver

    If anyone is having problems with another visualization or screensaver preferably from the LE repo i'd be glad to look into it.

    Hello vitorp07,

    Is there any chance you could look into why neither of these builds will run on the (kszaq) S905 fork of LE 8.2?

    Is there a repository that has a build of visualization.projectm that works with 8.16?

    The only ones I see are: Shadertoy, Spectrum, Waveform, and WavforHue (and I could only get the first 3 to work).
    projectM is a ported version of Milkdrop, which is by far the most stunning music visualization ever IMHO.

    Hello Kszaq,

    Thank you very much for all the work you put into developing the S905 builds of LibreELEC.

    I was wondering if you are aware of the following Bluetooth issues:

    1. Cosmetic: My Bluetooth devices each appear twice in the device list (System > LibreELEC > Bluetooth). Both sets of duplicates show the same address.

    2. Fatal: My iSimple BluClick device is successfully added when I initially select "Trust and Connect", but after 10 minutes of inactivity the BluClick automatically goes into sleep mode, and when I press a button on it to wake it up, it fails to reconnect with LibreELEC either automatically or manually. When I return to the LibreELEC Bluetooth settings, selecting "Pair" generates a "Page Timeout" error message, and selecting "Connect" generates a "Input/Output Error" message. Then if I attempt to "Delete" one of the two BluClick devices in the device list, KODI hangs for several seconds and then restarts. After KODI has restarted the Bluetooth list no longer sees the BluClick device at all, until I reboot LibreElec. I am then able to "Trust and Connect" the BluClick and it works fine until it goes back into sleep mode again.

    I have duplicated the issue on both my NexBox A95X (S905x), and my Beelink GT1 (S912), using the following builds: