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    Mine was already at 1080. I tried changing down to 720p. I tried different HDMI cables. I Tried different HDMI inputs on my TV. (BTW my TV is a RCA 48" LED Dont know the exact model but that should be new enough) Nope 17.6 works nice. Any suggestions for getting 18 to work so far has resulted in hard lockups when trying to stop a video or scroll backward or forward.

    I've been playing with it recently. For me it seems to be hit and miss and mostly depend on what video I 1st watch after reboot. If I watch a blueray rip 1st, everything seems to play fine. If I watch a (non-HD) TV recording after reboot, I still (usually) get a freeze when exiting playback (even with the whitelist set properly). However, as I mentioned, once I've successfully started and exited a 1080p recording after reboot, it seems like anything else I play thereafter works fine. It may well be TV related (machine is still working after 'freeze', I can still ssh into it just display has stopped). As I virtually never reboot, I think the status-quo is sufficient for my needs, and playback seems improved compared to Krypton so far,

    Has anyone has issues with PCM through a receiver on the S905X?

    I get load white-noise randomly when trying to play videos. It happens with all audio codecs as long as I am not using passthrough (I don't use passthrough because I need to be able to change the volume from my tablet).

    I think the issue is the same one linked a year ago here:

    [S905X] - Noise when playing files with AAC 5.1 audio

    I am pretty confident it is an issue with the PCM output not conforming to what the receiver expects. The white noise occurs randomly when starting to play a video, but also occurs randomly if I switch the receiver on/off or switch inputs while a video is playing. This happens both with TOSLINK and HDMI audio.

    As I said it never happens with passthrough, but that isn't helpful to me.

    I am unsure if this is an issue with my specific S905X box or an issue that would show up with any S905X box and my receiver, or possibly something that could be fixed via the dtb. I have tried many different versions of LibreElec as well as building it from source. All versions from the past 6months or so that I've tried have had this issue.

    The receiver I have is a couple years old Denon AVR-S500BT

    Demetris Can you include the following patch for the x8h-plus:

    This fixes 8bit hevc playback on my '1st gen' x8h-plus. We found that there are some variations over the lifespan of the x8h-plus, and your current build causes serious artifacts with hevc. Increasing the buffer fixes it for me.