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    it should be able to decode dts just fine, my rpi1 can do 1080p dts with overclock though, so the rpi2 should do it with ease.
    try set the switch port to 100Mbit instead of gb if you can, or try another one. or cable etc. or post a sample as suggested.
    what happened to openelec or the whole thing is sad yes, but there is nothing sad about moving on to libreelec.

    ** On another point, is it possible to JUST move /storage to a USB drive and just leave a symbolic link on the SD card? Most of the configuration and I/O on a working system is to that mount point, so you would have the system on the SD card and the user data on a USB drive.

    this is exactly what is happening if you copy or move /storage to a harddrive and change cmdline.txt to: (as gark81 also writes, or use uuid as you write)

    boot=/dev/mmcblk0p1 disk=LABEL="labelofyourhardrive" quiet

    system will be on sd and userdata on harddrive.
    if the symlink thing will work i have no idea, i never seen it done that way but i think you could run into trouble.

    the problem with moving the system image from sd card and change boot in cmdline.txt is when you update. the firmware/bootfiles needs to reside on sd and will not be updated. i guess you could update these files manually, but there really is no reason to move boot.
    at least thats how it was on openelec, i suspect it is the same on libreelec.

    as many ohers, i want to say thanks too. i love openELEC but alot more creativity seems to be going on here.
    i like the new tunes and LE 7.0.2 does run smoother/faster, especially on my old rpi's. i just pulled them out and dusted them off after a longer relationship with android and was taken back once again with the video quality, OS familiarity, and enormous versatility.
    naturally i could not help ordering the latest version (that is on its way tomorrow) to see what i missed.

    thanks! i'll be staying around too.

    just a heads up i can not get this to work on le 7.0.2 MR. the script runs and creates the diretory struture and /modroot/bin/autostart is runs.
    but modroot/bin or modroot/lib is not added to PATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH after booting, and /etc/profile.d/9999-modroot.conf is not created either.
    i think the culprit must be 9999-modroot.conf since this dir is read only? (i tried creating a file there)