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    I am investigating more and have found that the problem is that many DVB-T muxes fail scanning in TVHeadEnd finding zero services, while using the USB pen I have the same muxes work perfectly.

    The strange thing is that if I use the DVB app installed in the onboard Android, even with all its weaknesses (primarly, many out-of-sync issues), the DVB-T scan using the internal tuner finds all the channels that I don't find in Libreelec! :(

    I've just bought a KI Pro and tried the latest test version by afl1 (24 august), the one which contains fixes for the integrated tuner.

    I'm doing a full scan with TVHeadEnd and I've found that the integrated DVB-T tuner does not detect some channels.

    Using an Abilis AS102 usb stick the number of channels detected is much higher (about 500 channels instead of 400).

    Is it just a driver problem or the integrated Availink chipset is not as good as the Abilis chipset used in my DVB-T usb tuner?