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    I started mine with updating it to the latest of the manufacturer. (Had to do some searching the web).

    This way the bootloader becomes more compatible with stuff used in the LE-image.

    Then i found the "toothpick" method very practic.

    Start putting the image on a SD card (rufus / usbit as a DD-image), insert it and turn the machine on with a toothpick keeping the reset button for a while.

    (from memory) Once you see the boot logo, release the toothpick and you'll see stuff happening there.. (maybe a keyboard for confimation? I don't remember).

    Then it reboots from the SD card and you can play directly from it....

    Later when you decide it to be stable enough (and wipe that android), you can install it to the onboard flash (from the shutdown menu).

    I couldn't find the "main-instructions" either, by the way.


    Hi Julio,

    i could also use the optical output.

    But i remember THX and/or DTS isn't working through that connector isn't it?

    Ohw2, and can it use both outputs at the same time?

    Thanks for the idea! Now, where was that TOSlink cable?

    BTW, i have the same minix as well having the same issue.


    And all others with audio passthrough issues.

    New LE8.2-RC2 is currently uploaded replacing the previous one.

    Please check it out and report back.

    Best Regards

    Hi Demetris again thanks for all the time you are spending on all us helpless people,

    i checked the new RC2 from 29-august, the passthrough is still not functioning.

    I see the bug mentioned also at other platforms.

    Is does appear most with AAC streams, which is what for example, covenant (exodus) uses most.

    Whenever i play around with the "stereo upstream"-switch, audio returns to the TV.

    I understood that kodi had been redesigned from the floor up and also the sound engine has received some changes.

    This or driver is the issue.

    Anyone has this working on the amlogic 8x2 series?

    Hello Demetris,

    thumbs up for all the effort! I'm happy i discovered your libreelec-image else i would probably replace the 2 boxes.

    Just tried RC2 on my MXIII (2GB) to see if the sound passthrough problem disappears. Unfortunately not :(

    It appears to happen only with AAC-audio streams... when it happens (almost any stream through any online plugin) i turn on my receiver and the sound becomes audible. Whenever i FastForward in the stream it loses the audio again and simply have to turn it off and the sound returns through TV (chaotic)..

    I know that a few versions back (i believe 8.0.1) the problem was not present.

    Do you have the equipment to verify?



    Just wanted to share that i experience the passthrough-bug.

    Just tried the RC1 on my 802 device (mx3 4k)

    My minix 8h (812) has the same problem .... with the 24 june-version.

    If i'm not mistaken: version before was working ok.

    Now, when i start a stream i'm missing the sound, until i change " stereo upmix" once or twice / even when i turn on or off the receiver