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    DVD playback has been flacky in Kodi for years at this stage, it has not got attention for years because the people who maintain Kodi do not have any interest in supporting it properly. Its effectively a dead technology.


    Sure, but in LE 9.0.2 and all versions before it all worked perfectly fine, as do the recent Windows builds. So why doesn't it work properly on C2 anymore? Kodi itself works fine for other builds. DVD might be a dead horse, but people have hundreds of them in their collection...

    Just updated to the latest (as of yet) Odroid C2 build. But I still have the same issues I've reported before, but as noone responded at all I'll do again:

    Image is installed on SD, not eMMC. It boots fine, but when I reboot Kodi, it halts. The OS shuts down nicely though, it seems to do a shutdown -h rather than a shutdown -r.

    DVD menu's aren't working. I have all my DVD's ripped to ISO. Doesn't matter if I play them from NAS or the local SD card. DVD trailer starts playing, but the menu is blank (black) with only the cursor showing. When I enter a few times something usually starts playing, and when I then go back to the dvd menu, it works fine. Initially it doesn't though.

    Are this bugs to be reported at this time, and if so what logs would you like? The usual kodi debug logs?

    9-11 Odroid C2 build freshly installed on a brand new SD (for now I run CoreElec on an EMMC to keep the girls happy). It works rather well, but it halts when I do a reboot. The OS seems to be completely shutdown, the heartbeat led stops flashing, SSH of course is down at that point too (so I can't log anything), but it won't reboot, or at least it doesn't actually start booting.

    Passthrough audio not working well (I think that's to be expected at this point). DVD menu's (running from DVD ISO's) are not working properly. The studio-trailers run fine, but as soon as an interactive menu should show up, it's either blank, or sometimes the menu shows but the 'cursor' is flashing. Then, when for example I choose 'select episode' I get to the episode menu, but then there's no selector at all.

    I'm new to these test builds. Having read trough most of the posts in this thread, I'm not really sure if you guys want logs for these kind of issues, or it's too soon to iron these out?

    Anyway I want to applaud you guys in how far you've already come and how well this is already running on a recent kernel!

    Hi! I'm new with Odroid C2. Initially I installed HardKernels own LibreElec build - and for LibreElec that works perfectly fine. However, I want to run RetroArch as well. I quickly found that that needs 32bit libraries / binaries. Now I did get it running using JoKeRz repository and addons, but I was assuming Raybuntu's build would make 32bit packages 'just work' (to some degree of course).

    So I flashed LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.arm-8.2-rb-krypton17.img, and then installed RetroArch from Gamestarter: Retrogaming add-ons (RPi/Generic). It installs just fine (as it did with HardKernels build) but starting it shows the splash screen and then quits back to Kodi.

    I've searched this thread but RetroArch doesn't even come up. Is this support to work, and does anyone have some more info for me?