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    8.2 rc3 installed to internal memory of my m8s+ (used the specific tar.gz release).

    Everything works fine (except for wifi, but i already knew It - my m8s+ doesn't have the ap chipset), but when i turn It off LAN and USB DTT leds still remain on.

    Anyone knows why of this?

    Thanks a lot for tour amazing job!!!

    M8S+ has an unsupported wifi chip which if i want to fix it i have to break all other Wifi chips as the bcm driver is different as the one we currently use.

    So decide if you want support without wifi working am all in.

    If not you stay at 8.0.2

    Mean while if anyones has a patch so it works on current driver please come forward.

    I believe that the support would be intersting even without wifi chipset, because of the use with ethernet port.