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    hi there!

    previously had a working milhouse build installed. I tried to install your RR from scratch via USB stick. Installs fine, boots fine, but splashscreen stays visible, even though i can hear the gui sounds when using the remote. I keep looking at the LE RR splashscreen.....

    Where do i start to troubleshoot this?

    Asrock J3355M, hdmi TV, MCE remote, USB keyboard. nothing else attached.


    First of all: thank you for your work!

    After RETROARCH installation I was confronted with sped up gameplay/sound, i looked at the video settings and,

    Weird issue here: my detected TV refresh rate is all over the place:

    - when in 1080i, it sometimes varies wildly between ~30 and 70~hz,

    - when in 720p, the fluctuations still vary, but not as wildly, still sometimes it is ~50hz after boot, sometimes ~60hz, still fluctuating by several%

    - In Kodi all SEEMS normal

    I am using a 2005 HD ready sony TV, and an intel J3355 board, hooked up via HDMI.

    Any ideas? I cannot really find anything on this problem except 'switch to D3D' or 'check windows drivers' , which is not really helpful on a libreelec system....