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    Are you using a projector?

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    No, the screen is a Sony KD75XD9405. In the center of the HDMI line is a Bose Lifestyle 535 Series II, but even without it, the issue exists.
    It looks a bit like the Intel graphics issue of Kernel 4.4 which is part of a lot reports for other linux distros.

    For instance: Kernel 4.4 Intel Graphics Problems - Linux Mint Forums or [WORKAROUND] monitor issues after upgrade to 4.4 / Kernel & Hardware / Arch Linux Forums

    I've checked the specifications of OE6, kernel 4.1 was used (which is causing no issues in my case). LE7+ and OE7 are using kernel 4.4. IMHO there is really a chance to find the reason for this kind of issue in the built in kernel driver für the Intel Graphics.

    I just tried LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.90.002.img.gz and I no longer experience this issue. Looks like something with 7.0.X and the display drivers since it happens even during boot and before Kodi loads. Unfortunately I have a number of issues with this Alpha (IR remote won't work, etc) but optimistic this will be fixed once the stable release comes out. Looks like I'll need to skip over 7.X and wait for 8. Just wanted to provide an additional update on this issue. Thanks

    Currently I'm running into the same issue (ZOTAC Barebone ZBox-CI323NANO (N3150 Intel HD Grafik HDMI)). I moved over from OE6. OE6 is running very well, but starting with the OE7 pre versions the screen starts to flicker (horizontal lines in green and blue, randomly created, sometimes the screens blanks out completely).
    The pre version if LE 8 is not solving the issue for me. It stays exactly the same as with LE7.
    The log is "normal", there is nothing special to find, especially not for any kind of display related issue.

    I've added a picture of the issue, but it is hard to create a photo of it. It is flickering very fast. The pictures shows a few displaced lines, the wrong placed fonts are not a skin issue, it is the result of the flickering screen.