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    For anyone else trying to get the power on function in libreelec to work with the argon one v2, this is what worked for me:

    - use the case with a pi running rasberry pi os (I used an extra sd card, raspios lite gave errors with the scripts, so use the full one)

    - use these commands:

    curl | bash

    - Follow the steps to program the case to use a power button from any remote (needs to be NEC protocol, I used a mecool KIII pro profile on my harmony)

    - use the case with libreelec (the v2 ir module will remember the power command from the remote)

    I am aware that the rpi4 has a different new graphics driver. And I do respect that 3D is video is very low priority these days and there are more important things to fix. But the point I was trying to make is that a SBS video file is no different from a normal 1080p file except for maybe some metadata and/or the letters SBS in the filename. We know a rpi4 can hardware decode and play a 1080p file, we also know it can output the gui in 3D. So the problem doesn't seem driver related.

    But we always warmly welcome developers for graphics drivers if you're interested. :)

    I wish I had some more c++ and driver knowledge, but sadly I don't think I can create usable graphics driver code.

    I understand that MVC is very low priority and unlikely to have, but I have to admit that support for a simple SBS/TAB movie should be relatively simple and platform independent. I don't have a pi 4, but on my pi 3 and on my pc libreelec does split it correctly (using 9.2.6).

    As a HSBS file is like a normal 1080p file with 2 views at half the resolution combined into 1 frame I would suspect the process to be something like this:

    1: Open a HSBS 1080p h264 file

    2: Kodi detects it's HSBS based on metadata/filename tags

    3: rpi4 decodes the 1080p h264 video frames with hardware decoding (platform specific driver for decoding handled by ffmpeg/v4l2?)

    4: The renderer from kodi splits the UI+subtitles to HSBS

    5: The renderer from kodi splits the decoded frames into a left and right view

    6: The views and UI are combined to one output frame is HSBS format

    7: the frames are sent to the TV (using the drivers from the rpi4).

    It seems to me only step 3 (hardware decoding) and step 7 (sending the video to the right output) are different on a pi4 due to a different driver, the rest should work the same as a pi3 or generic pc. So what am I missing? It seems that on a pi4, step 6 combines the ui from HSBS with the videoframe with monoscopic output. Or somehow the hardware decoder of the pi also detects HSBS and passes the left view of the frame for kodi to process, but this seems unlikely.

    Anke Since you mention VLC/mplayer I assume you're testing with a standard (H)SBS video and not a MVC encoded video. When you say current release, do you mean 9.2.6 or the 10.0 BETA 1 that was just released? What happens when you choose monoscopic as stereo mode? Does it show you half of the left view?

    As a workaround, you could always disable the stereoscopic features in kodi and use the TV to select HSBS. This gives you the 3D video but the UI and subtitles aren't rendered correctly (so no advantage over VLC/mplayer except the nice video library).