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    Post #1 updated with the v1.8 release

    v1.8 (2017-07-26)

    • add support for IPTV Networks
    • fix error in muxes when 0 muxes available
    • Contains the unreleased v1.7 and v1.6 updates
      • add support for Tvh username-password
      • add backup and import of tvh userdata
      • add channel icon reset option

    Thank you to those who provided feedback on the test versions!


    Just found time to load your new addon and try it out. It does indeed work, however there is one or two cosmetic things I recommend you look at.

    I've attached two photos under this URL: iBWB9oMn2C6SYHC32

    As you can see in the settings (Second picture), there are no headers indicating where to put the username and password. Not sure if this was left on purpose or not, but it is a bit confusing. I tried putting my username and password there simply because I discovered that there were unnamed fields there, and I knew you had added the functionality.

    Also, in the first picture, at the bottom, it shows Tvheadend Backend and then lists the username, password, ip address and port. Personally, I would take the password out of here. I think showing the username there is good, because it indicates which user the system is using, but I wouldn't show the password too.

    I'm usually kind of hesitant to put a password out on the internet like this, bad juju and all, but its just the Tvheadend password so oh well.

    Very nice work on the quick addon update, minus those two cosmetic things it works great!!