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    can you add Ivacy VPN? That would be great

    Something wrong with their config. I have try Openwrt, LibreElec 8.0.2/16 Jarvis/17 Krypton + Ivacy addon and LibreElec + VPN manager

    Nothing is working. But, I can make several other VPN service work with VPN manager by sets user defined method easily.

    They copied my plugin for their own. And then it stopped working. Oh dear. Maybe get a new provider.

    Their addon works on Kodi 17.3 running on PC but I still cannot make it work on Rpi3 + LibreElec 8.0.3 or even OpenWRT router.

    It might be the LibreElec limitation of PPTP (it's been removed since ver 8.0.0).

    Now, have to use another common router and change server manually through the config to use VPN.

    Hello All, have any of you got Ivacy VPN working with VPN manager for open VPN?

    I try several times and always got error message to use both -cert and -key file.

    Thank you