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    unfortunately it's not working, either your manual mapping suggestions or usuing an earlier 4.3 zip version of CvH maybe he'll provide a new version for us Wetekplay1 user at some point. I would be very happy.

    Edit: If I switch from internal DVB-S2 card to my digibit twin sat>ip converter in TVH it finds correctly all channels. When I switch then back it also opens all channels again correctly. Maybe it has more to do with my update from LE 9.0.1 to LE 9.0.2 and drivers issues.


    I am using TVHeadend/4.3-1774 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v9.0.444 on my Wetek1 with LE 9.0.2. I updated from 4.2 because MagentaTV (IPTV of DT Germany) wasn't working anymore since they changed platform and force people to use IGMPv3 snooping in their whole LAN. I read it's only working with all compatible switches AND at least TVheadend 4.3. - So actually it works fine again, but now even when I set up the complete tvh there is some problem with a few muxes. For example there is one on 19,2°Astra which contains RTL HD, VOX HD, n-tv HD, RTLII HD . 10,8325 GHz. It's finding all 4 services in mux tab, but it doesn't appear in service tab. - Later I noticed if I change at "hide" to "none" the channels appear,but I can't map them. They are always ignored. I also tried clicking the blue icon beside play button and there is no proper information for this service. I also tried deleting the mux and add it. No chance to bring it into a proper shape. It's the same for ORF.

    With the old version of TVH 4.2.x it worked fine. - Any ideas or can someone confirm it?

    Can someone maybe offer a newer version for wetek1?

    Other channels work fine.

    parts of my logs

    Hi, is there anyone willed to write howto get the wetek play 1 updated to Libreelec 9.0.2? Unfortunately it doesn't also work for me with the .tar in update folder. It runs during the next boot and says libreelec 9.0.2 successfull installed and reboots again, but then it's again only 9.0.1 and Kodi 18.1 on the device.

    Unfortunately there is no real alternative to wetek play1with dual dvb-s2tuner.

    edit: For those who still struggle with the update. The trick is login as root then:

    1. mount -o remount,rw /flash
    2. nano /flash/

    Content for /flash/


    then put the .tar into smb-share .update or use this

    cd /storage/.update

    reboot and wait for finishing the update. Btw there is also a TVheadend 4.3.x compiled Version avaliable for the play1 from cvh which performs pretty well. (4.3-1774-01.03.2019)

    Hi guys,

    I have a M8S+ S812 TVBox of ACEMAX and I use the Libreelec Image 8.2.3. I also use the SkyStar USB HD Card with

    Bus 002 Device 002: ID 14f7:0500 TechniSat Digital GmbH DVB-PC TV Star HD

    Unfortunately I get a lot of errors about discontinuing

    It is also in freeTV the same. I tried using the official firmware of DVB-Linux-Wiki. I put it into /lib/firmware/dvb-usb-SkyStar_USB_HD_FW_v17_63.HEX.fw

    Unfortunately no diffrence. I am acutally pretty desperated now. I especially bought this TV-USB-HD-Card because it has offical Linux support and it was the only USB-Card people told me which will work.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi guys,

    I have an G-Box Midnight MX which uses a M3 Single-Core Processor of ARM. Acutally I'm not sure if I have an MX2 oder MX because I don't find any information about the box anymore.

    It has an MLogic M8726-M3 Processor and I updated it a few years ago to Hynx with Kodi 14.0. Unfortunately I can only start one HD-Channel from my Enigma2 Box with the VU+IPTV-Plugin and then I have to reboot the box always before it runs again.

    When I try to update with the MX2 Files I get always an error like "Bootloader is not correct. It useses "null" file" and some Verification is not correct...

    Could you please help to update my box and bring it back to life?