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    Thanks for the reply Iridium. The update was easy within my current install on ELEC.

    But I was trying to ask about Media Server Programs that would reencode on the fly from my desktop. I have seen PS3 media server used for this years ago.

    But I was wondering if their are any specific programs that would integrate well with ELEC. Can you get ELEC to integrate it's kodi library functionality with steamed content like this?

    Hello all.
    I have been using Kodi since the original Xbox but have never gotten it to work quite right since hevc have become popular. I have LibreELEC on a Raspberry Pi 3 B. Is there any specific Media Server software that is more compatible with LibreELEC? Something that will re encode video to something playable? I have been using PLEX, but even it using it's Plex server app did not work with all videos.

    Does anyone have any recommendations.

    Thanks in advance

    Hello all,
    I setup a Kodi media library on a Raspberry Pi 3 a few months ago, which I have set up at a location without any Internet.
    And I have been completely unable to find the setting for setting the date and time. I can change the timezone, and I can chance the sync server, but nothing that just lets me manually set the time.