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    Can any NUC2820 owners out there confirm the issues I am having with all non 24p/60 content (to 1080p res)?

    Basically, after extensive testing, I am finding all 25/50 content (non interlaced or interlace) is completely borked (i.e. with ongoing extnesive stuttering) - on two separate NUC 2820 setups. I have tried every combination of whitelist/no whitelist and smooth playback settings available. I have tried with two entirely separate systems - both NUC 2820s, but one connected via an amp/receiver and the other direct connected to the TV.

    As far as I can tell Kodi and/or LE 9.02. on this sort of older Intel hardware is totally broken. Kodi 17/LE8 was perfect on the same hardware.

    I would like to get some data on whether others are seeing the same thing or not - do you have essentially completely smooth playback for everything as you had with Kodi 17, or are you still experiencing stutter issues like my systems?

    Just a further report of 'me too'.

    No changes to settings solve it (I have spent hours trying every possible combination and have 10 years of quite in depth Kodi & home theatre I'm pretty sure on this)..issue is present to a lesser or greater degree with all 25/50 materials, regardless of codec (h264 of mpeg2 etc)

    Motion is smooth if one uses the whitelist and plays at e.g. 720 by 480 rather than letting Kodi upscale...but then the Kodi interface is awful, so that's not a proper solution.

    I have some vague hope this might have something to do with it - has anyone tried a libreelec 9 with this incoprorated?

    Recently I've been seeing urllib3 errors - but only in addons when running in a secondary profile. The same addons work fine in the master profile.

    Addons include trakt and one of my own, OzWeather. Both depend on script.modules.requests...seems like something has recently gone awry with python path handling in profiles maybe?

    Obviously I can muck about with my own addon (which is in the main kodi repo) to get it to do an import more explicitly somehow but I think there's a more general issue here...

    More than likely you have solved this, or found another way, but I am running it via this service and the image size seems to remain constant at about 362Mb (which is no drama at all on my NUC). Below is my service config. Main difference is use of --rm and --name and setting an appropriate timezone so LMS shows the correct time.

    LMS seems to run very well, although I am doing only simple things with it really (local library playback and using XSqueezeDisplay to get the squeezebox to show Kodi time remaining).