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    If you want support for all HW features today, you have to wait for CE to come back as they focused on implementing Amlogic-provided kernel with AMLCodec for multimedia support and most (if not all) features work.

    LibreELEC focus is on mainline which will eventually come also for N2 (if there are developers working on it).

    Ok, it worked with UBOOT_SYSTEM=LePotato

    Ah yes, since you are using a branch from main LE repo... please note that it will change to lepotatop (lower case) quite soon. ;)

    hi balbes150 kszaq chewitt

    I have a question why LE not booting with android 6 in WP2

    It looks like WeTek Play 2 and Hub have some kind of security measure to not let a script from SD card modify u-boot environment and it's required to have a boot.ini file like others told you.

    Shoog Please don't confuse terms: DVB driver has nothing to do with Kodi version but is has all to do with kernel version.

    LE 9 uses Afl1's DVB driver with 3.14 kernel (and Kodi Leia but it doesn't matter).

    CE 9 uses Afl1's DVB driver with 3.14 kernel.

    This thread is about mainline (5.x) kernel.

    Yes, LE 9.0.1 includes DVB driver developed by afl1.

    There is no support for built-in DVB tuner in mainline test images yet.

    As far as I can tell afl1 made his driver work with mainline Linux, so it should be doable to add this driver. Note that this won't happen in a minute, it will take some time.

    Lets not forget that Chewitt started this little diversion into abuse. Thanks.


    Nope. Everything started with this post: Test LibreELEC images with KODI-18 for S9xxx then the same user started throwing hate.

    This has gone too far away from the main topic.

    balbes150 please open a new thread where a discussion on mainline support can be held - where developers can get actual feedback.

    If anyone wants to further discuss other "issues" mentioned in this thread, feel free to open a new thread.

    Are you really trying tell the whole forum that it was solely your idea and nobody else had any input in your decision to send that PR to strip all of your work from LE?

    Yes, it was solely my idea and the reasons are outlined in PR description.

    This is a bullshit statement. LE dropped support for AML boxes (and this is still the status of LE on AMLogic), this was the very reason why CE branched. All of the current leia builds running LE are highly experimental and largely unstable compared to CE and are not officially supported.

    If dropping support for the huge number of people running AMLogic boxes is universal support then you live in astrange sub-universe. People who have been in this game a lot longer than you are simply pointing out the reality that CE is the only fully supported and stable solution for AMLogic boxes - and that reality is entirely down to LE's policy decisons.


    I really don't want to continue OT but this is simply not true.

    LibreELEC never officially supported generic Amlogic devices, there were always only community builds from me, Balbes and many other builders/developers. There was a plan to merge community efforts to main LibreELEC branch but due to some disagreements on the way the project should go people interested in supporting Amlogic forked to CoreELEC.

    Now really please stop putting fuel into this flame of hate, and let's focus on fun things, like development.

    Shoog I couldn't of said it better myself.

    It is no secret that the admins here have never liked Amlogic with all its "hacks" and now they have sent kszaq to do their dirty work and remove it.

    Goodbye Amlogic 3.14 by kszaq · Pull Request #3458 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    You only have to look at who has liked this pull request to realise how out of touch the admins here are with their userbase.

    This is the exact reason CoreELEC was created.

    Stop making up stories.

    All work well, plus great truth and we owe it to kszak for this reason I am still here and do not see significant improvements that make me change the LibreELEC.

    Nobody owes me nothing. :)

    I fully agree with vpeter - if you simply want a working Amlogic device an don't care if it uses an old kernel with a ton of hacks (as a user you shouldn't care!), you should switch to CoreELEC.

    Is there a list of AML 3.14 updates for Kodi 18.2? Are they mainly just bug fixes or some streaming improvements too?

    Crash fixes: Amlogic fixes from community builds by kszaq · Pull Request #15859 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub Note that if you are using CoreELEC (or LE 8.2), the fixes were already included in previous Kodi versions. These commits were PRd to upstream a few fixes.

    One thing I don't understand: Is 720p or below decoding always in CPU ( soft decode) for AML S905/912?

    No. HW decoding is enabled for all videos unless you change it in Kodi settings.

    Why waste the GPU as idle?

    GPU is not used for "hardware decoding"! This is done by VPU.


    1. Codec factory is only for Android where you can configure which HW decoders to blacklist in case you have issues with them: no impact on LE at all.
    2. GLES updates should improve both 3.14 and mainline users. Improvements that have effect in LibreELEC/CoreELEC:
      • improved bitmap subtitles rendering (e.g. extracted from Blu-Ray or DVD)
      • less GPU load when rendering software-decoded HD videos from inputstream (e.g. Netflix HD - still up to 720p works smoothly, no 1080p...)
    3. AML updates have effect only on builds using 3.14 kernel - these are a few fixes from LibreELEC/CoreELEC builds, mostly from afl1.

    I have a KI Pro I would like to use LibreELEC in it, I made a complete reading of this topic and realized that it is not bootavel the image in the same with kernel 5.x.x

    You can probably try using meson-gxl-s905d-p230.dtb device tree but you have to keep in mind that mainline Linux support for Amlogic is a work in progress and there are still some features that are missing: for example the built-in tuner of KI Pro will not work.