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    That log shows nothing abnormal.

    Was Kodi playing something back, as this stops the librespot service.

    kodi wasn't playing anything - i just booted up my rpi and as soon as it was ready i tried to connect and librespot service crashed

    awiouy latest preview didn't work as well – rpi spotify server was visible but as soon as i tried to connect to it it crashed


    I've tried using Librespot addon on my RPi 2 (LibreElec, Kodi 17.3) for a several days (always the latest version) and some issues still occur no matter what I do:

    – when I boot up my RPi, LibreSpot is not "active" or at least on my phone/mac it's not visible as a spotify connect device –> to solve this I have to go to addon settings, re–enable the addon and then it works (however not always)

    – when I chose Kodi as a output device any sound was not played at all

    – when I finally managed to get it visible for my devices it crashed after a few songs played

    – time to time happnes that it's visible and no sound comes out of it

    Any suggestions? Thank you!