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    I'm experiencing the rewind and skip back bug again (on Odroid C2). Sorry, I tested it a few times and it worked, but obviously with the wrong content or just dumb luck. It happens with fresh install of 8.0.2e, 8.1.1 and 8.1.2

    Reproduction: Rewind a few minutes on a HD (AVC but with HEVC probably too) video and press play -> Video is stuck. Does not happen every time but very often, same applies for skipping backwards, but not as often.

    The problem seems to be related to hardware-acceleration with amcodec, because it doesnt happen when disabled, so this is probably a tough or impossible fix. Anyway, I guess it should be known :)

    I observed that this does not seem to happen with SD content even if I set the hardware acceleration for all codecs to always, but with hardware acceleration it takes a split second to buffer while it doesnt without. I would conclude that the resolution and buffering plays a role here.

    kszaq: Hello, is an amremote version planned (for Odroid C2)? LIRC is quite unreliable with Odroid C2 at least. More often than not multiple button presses are executed or non. The range of the remote/IR-receiver seems fine otherwise when compared with amremote.

    Your version of Libreelec seems to be the best so far with media_build especially rewind and skipping backwards works without a hitch (which often freezes playback on my current version).

    Is it possible to use amremote with Odroid-C2 builds? If not I have a problem with "irrecord" throwing up "Cannot decode data" from my remote. This remote did work with LIRC some time ago, but it is so long ago that I might as well did something wrong with LIRC.

    Edit: I also get a warning at the very beginning of irrecord "Warning: cannot open /etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf"