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    8.1.105 has some problems to start on my generic 8.0.2

    For example after playing a video it takes a few minutes before Librespot works again

    Somtimes I even need to reboot

    I noticed 2 different zipfiles for this (rpi and generic)

    Does it take the generic by default from the repository or is it worth it to play with these zipfiles ?

    I'm sandboxing on a spare HD so I can go any way that would help.

    Now back on LibreElec and youtube is slow again.

    Where can I find how to get that logfile please ?

    Ok I just did something really naughty

    Installed LibreElec with LibreSpot

    Then "upgraded" to OpenElec with Youtube

    Now I'm on openElec with a smooth running LibreSpot and a smooth running Youtube :)

    Hey, I just installed the latest generic build (8.0.2) clean/fresh on an Asrock Ion 330

    Then only installed the Youtube 5.4.0 add on + reboot

    When browsing youtube the search takes 30 seconds, clicking a video takes 30 seconds

    But then once it plays it runs perfectly smooth

    Before going to LibreElec I used OpenElec on the same box

    Youtube was fast and responsive here

    Going through the setup and login, choose language and region doesn't help either

    Can somebody please help out to get this back to the speed that I'm used to


    Just did the same clean install with the latest openelec

    Now youtube works smooth

    But I want LibreElec because of LibreSpot :)

    But is it also as designed that between those actions there is a delay of 60 seconds where the service is up but there is no way to connect ?


    I did a clean setup and it's a lot faster

    It now connects after about 5 seconds

    It's the same when playing a movie, librespot disappears from my phone

    After stopping the movie librespot comes back on the phone in seconds

    But then it takes a minute before it's possible to connect again

    I'm going to try a clean setup on another HD just to see if it's my build causing that

    Ok that password does indeed work so it changed with LibreElec

    This did work

    sleep 5
    activate_card() {

    if [ -e "/proc/asound/$1" ]; then

    Spotify on my phone does see LibreElec now quite fast

    But even though spotify does see librespot it still won't connect to it in the first minute

    Too bad for this minute

    But how it works after this minute is really awesome :)

    That does make a big difference.

    After a reboot my phone does see LibreSpot

    But now it's really slow. Pushing stop on the phone for example takes 6 seconds

    Going back to ALSA and it's responsive again

    But then not working at boot as before

    I'm using an old Asrock Ion 330 with a tiny Atom CPU

    Smooth for H264 and it never let me down.

    I forgot the password for openelec and the default isn't working

    So getting the log is complicated

    Generic (linux)
    I dropped the generic TAR file in my old openelec config with syslinux 6.0.3


    <setting id="ls_D" value="false" />

    <setting id="ls_O" value="ALSA" />

    <setting id="ls_b" value="-" />

    <setting id="ls_d" value="true" />

    <setting id="ls_o" value="" />

    <setting id="ls_p" value="" />

    <setting id="ls_u" value="" />

    <setting id="pcm_3" value="0" />


    Log I will dig up in a bit

    Would it maybe be better to start clean with lIbreElec ?

    Hey I just upgraded really easy from openelec to LibreElec 8.0.2 on Linux

    I did this to get Librespot (8.1.102). That add-on works great, very impressive

    After a reboot of linux I do see librespot as a running add-on

    But my phone doesn't see it..

    I go to librespot > configure > ok (left everything as it was)

    And now my phone does see librespot

    How do I get this to work when I boot into Kodi ?


    Solution here

    I was indeed wrong... It does auto start

    But I can't conenct with spotify until I go

    librespot > configure > ok

    This after every reboot

    I posted it now in the librespot thread

    Hey I just upgraded really easy from openelec to LibreElec 8.0.2 on Linux

    I did this to get Librespot (8.1.102). That add on works but it doesn't auto start

    I tried to play with

    import xbmc


    But I guess this doesn't work because it's a service

    So how do I get it to auto start ?