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    My version is 9.0.3.

    My WiFi connection is now showing 'ready' instead of 'online'.

    As a result there is no internet connection.

    What does 'ready' mean ?

    Ii rebooted my device as well as the WiFi router. But still no 'online'.

    Other devices (mobiles/laptops) are connecting fine to the internet via the same router.

    Thank you!


    Libreelec 8.2 running on my nexbox has suddenly stopped connecting to the internet ,

    1. in Connections, the WIFI state shows 'ready' and strength 99% (tried disconnecting & reconnecting etc).
    2. On home screen time/date is always 1 January 2015 , and is not getting updated,
    3. Weather addon does not update the forecast, Youtube, subtitle addons, etc don't connect etc.

    So its connected to the internet, but no internet functions work.

    I tried rebooting, powering off/on etc.

    Can anyone help ? Do I need to clear/reset something ?

    Thank you!


    I had already libreelec running on my Nexbox A95X.

    So I copied the tar file from here and dropped it in the update folder.

    I rebooted, and I got the 'updating' messages (md5 checksum OK etc..).

    The box rebooted, but now is stuck at the boot screen (Nexbox A95 logo).

    In Raspberry pi a tar file was used for updates.

    But I see here that the img.gz file is being used.

    How do I solve this ? Thank you!