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    Yes, you are right.

    I tested a lot of build of LibreElec, OpenElec, and even the newest CoreElec, and I must say that the version 8.2.5 Chroma 422 10bit build for the S905X from @wrxtasy is the best out of them all.

    Stable and fast, 4K works without any problems, Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master no problem + the HDR is properly displayed, (on CoreELEC Kodi 18 colours are little washed out) and on wrxtasy build its looking as it should and use full potential of my TV.

    The thing is that it seems that there is no new updates, as there is Kodi 18, all I really want is to update kodi version to 18 and thats all, as all the patches already included are perfectly fine (at least for S905X SoC)

    How do I tell if HDR is working? I have a S905X box connected to a HDR Sony TV, played a HDR test clip (Life of Pi) and the picture seems ok.

    So also brings me to ask - what happens if you try and play a HDR clip and the box is not able to render HDR? How would I know?

    On my Philips TV there is 3 ways to check if the video is working in HDR, maybe one of thoes works for your Sony TV

    1. There is a little logo on the bottom right corner with "HDR Signal" when starts playing video.

    2. If I set on remote [+] -> source information -> there is SDR or HDR

    3. If playing HDR source I try to change predefined picture mode its [HDR at the begining of mode] eg. HDR Standard / HDR Movie / HDR Vivid / HDR Bright etc.

    The all HDR clips that I try to play on the MXQ with LibreElec plays fine.

    @kszaq Thank you for your work on the project for S905/S905X Chipsets,

    I must say I'm Really happy, I have Philips 4K TV and was really pissed off cuz of no DTS-HD and TrueHD support, so I just bought cheap MXQ PRO 4K 905X (1/8gb) unit and put the LibreELEC 8.0.2d on it and it play all my movies files flawessly,

    It play 4K HDR with DTS-HD and TrueHD files via DLNA without any issues, its fantastic, and at a same time sad that modern 4k tv can't bitstream lossless audio without external device.

    Now as everything works fine, I want to make the UI looks nice but have problem getting artworks,thumbnails and others, I see no options for it.

    On my Windows 10 Store version of Kodi it all setup the artworks automaticly, Am I missing something. Can you provide me information how to make it on LibreELEC?

    EDIT: I see why I can get Artworks/Thambnails etc. Its possible when getting files from internal/external device as it ask if its movies/tv shows but when getting Upnp device over ethernet it just adds without asking for media type.