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    How do I tell if HDR is working? I have a S905X box connected to a HDR Sony TV, played a HDR test clip (Life of Pi) and the picture seems ok.

    So also brings me to ask - what happens if you try and play a HDR clip and the box is not able to render HDR? How would I know?

    On my Philips TV there is 3 ways to check if the video is working in HDR, maybe one of thoes works for your Sony TV

    1. There is a little logo on the bottom right corner with "HDR Signal" when starts playing video.

    2. If I set on remote [+] -> source information -> there is SDR or HDR

    3. If playing HDR source I try to change predefined picture mode its [HDR at the begining of mode] eg. HDR Standard / HDR Movie / HDR Vivid / HDR Bright etc.

    The all HDR clips that I try to play on the MXQ with LibreElec plays fine.

    @kszaq Thank you for your work on the project for S905/S905X Chipsets,

    I must say I'm Really happy, I have Philips 4K TV and was really pissed off cuz of no DTS-HD and TrueHD support, so I just bought cheap MXQ PRO 4K 905X (1/8gb) unit and put the LibreELEC 8.0.2d on it and it play all my movies files flawessly,

    It play 4K HDR with DTS-HD and TrueHD files via DLNA without any issues, its fantastic, and at a same time sad that modern 4k tv can't bitstream lossless audio without external device.

    Now as everything works fine, I want to make the UI looks nice but have problem getting artworks,thumbnails and others, I see no options for it.

    On my Windows 10 Store version of Kodi it all setup the artworks automaticly, Am I missing something. Can you provide me information how to make it on LibreELEC?

    EDIT: I see why I can get Artworks/Thambnails etc. Its possible when getting files from internal/external device as it ask if its movies/tv shows but when getting Upnp device over ethernet it just adds without asking for media type.