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    I've downloaded the file


    and copied the file to my Scishion V88 Pro (S905X) Update library via Samba. Rebooted and now it only shows me the start screen with the S905 Chipset - no boot any more. What have I done wrong? LibreELEC was flashed into the internal NAND on this box...

    I've tried to flash the file on my two WeTek Play 2 boxes - the upgrade failed, it shows me an error message, that this Rom is not compatible with the aarch64 structure of the WeTek Play 2.

    Would be great to receive help in both cases - thank you!

    Hi @ all!

    I am using the Scishion V88 Pro too, but have LibreELEC 8.x installed. There was no directory /storage/config. So I created it and copied the remote.conf into this directory - but the remote is still not working.

    There is also no option to choose the suspend mode in the power saving options, its greyed out.

    Last interesting point: I've a logitech K400 wirless keyboard, which was running quite well after the update - now its also out of function.

    Any ideas?

    Hi there - I found no solution to install the remote.conf on libreelec? Can anybody give an instruction? I have the correct remote.conf for my Scishion V88 Pro and already installed LibreELEC V7.0.