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    Could you do me a favor and tell me the paths to the remote.conf ? ie. from where to where :)

    Dont know if this belongs here, maybe a configuration thing. Just wondering if anybody knows what could cause it.

    Viewing 4k mkv files stutters every second, like the framerate is off, this does not happen when the tv plays the files (Samsung 8 series 2016). So I am thinking it must be a setting in kodi.

    Can someone give me the optimal settings for video in Kodi? I have beelink G1 ultimate so power shouldnt be an issueþ

    I booted to internal from the Libreelec Kodi running on the sd card to test out a few things on the Android version.

    Now I am stunk booting to Android and can not for the life of me get the box to boot from the sd card again and run Libreelec. What is the trick?

    If I browse to the sd card in android, I see Libreelec there, wish I could "click a .bat file" there or something to get back on track :)

    How do I set it to boot from the sd card again?

    Its a Beglink G1 Ultimate if that matters.

    That was quick! Thank you for your reply :)

    What is the best way to create a sample or log?

    I will test this dependency on the TMDB that you pointed out to me in the other thread the next time the Beelink is not in use by the family :p

    Thanks again.

    First off, great work! I use a Beelink G1 Ultimate booting of a SD card and it works great for my use (UHD, Dolby/DTS Passthrough).

    There are two things that are off after upgrading to Kodi 17.3 with the link posted on page 1, and I am hoping its a setting issue. I have been googling these issues but no luck.

    1. There is a skip in streaming every 1 sec. Like in the old days when you converted 24 fps to 25 fps and the 24th frame was shown twice :) I have tested 4 different streams, and all now have a 1 sec skip.

    2. The Movie Database Scraper does not work after 17.1 > 17.3 upgrade. It reports "unable to connect to server" or something simular. Internet works fine on the Beelink for everything else and no upgrade availabe for this Scraper. The TV Database works though. Is there something I have to/can reset for the Scraper to start working again? Or is it broken/down on !the other end"? :)