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    works as expected. I noticed the changes to configuration but did not invest more time in them aside from switching to kodi playback.

    is there anything in particular, that I could test for you?

    I have have updated streaming to Kodi

    this is a great solution for stopping spotify. and the test build works good, too.
    I have the feeling (as in: not validated via any means) that the delay/pause is a lot smaller.

    This looks good in Yatse, as well:

    As for not being able to stop feedback from another account, I think it is a (quite logical) feature of librespot.

    I can see, that it is a matter of security and separation of users. Anyhow, it seems to me a necessity from a usability point of view to allow at least local kodi users to stop playback (via a regular "stop" button).
    We had situations like this: I start music via librespot, an hour later I leave home to fetch groceries. At this point my wife and children were forced to either listen to my selected music until the playlist is done or I return, switch off the AMP, restart the libreelec-box or call me so I can stop it remotely.

    There are some requests from my significant other to fulfill the WAF:

    * let users stop playback through kodi ui (if I start music with my Spotify account, she can not stop it with hers)

    * display playback info in kodi ui (artist, title, album, etc)

    awiouy this works almost flawless:

    This PoC introduces a delay of something between 5-10 seconds in playback - perhaps some buffer getting filled? To be more clear: spotify app is around 7 seconds in the future compared to what gets played back. For example when one changes the track, it takes that time before the old track is stopped and the new one starts playing. Similar on track changes.

    Aside from that, it does what it should: discontinuous playback is gone with kodi as playback mode.

    Great! When I tried to find some English spoken audiobooks earlier, I noticed that my receiver/amp reconfigures the input format on every track change. Seems like librespot closes the stream/interface after each track and opens the interface/a new stream at start of the next track. This takes some second or two, and leads to this issue. Kodi itself seemingly keeps the stream open and only changes stream format if it is necessary.

    We heard some of "Bibi Blocksberg", "Jake und die Nimmerlandpiraten" and "Leo Lausemaus" which are in German, so it might be hard to notice if you wouldn't understand it. ;) I can try to find some english audiobooks later this evening.

    I notice some delay with playback on track change. this is most annoying with audiobooks when on each track start aproximately 1 second is missing/silent. This only happens with playback via librespot - playback with kodi works as expected.

    Hey, is there a more recent build of this addon than ""? The first post by awiouy links to "" and I am not sure where I got version 8.1.100 from.

    The merged MR on libreelec github project seems to also not having arrived in the official repository as of now.