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    I am using a rpi model b with LE 8.1.1. I have attached a HD44780 20x4 to the GPIO Pins of the RPI and installed the LCDProc addon from the LE repo and the LCDProc addon from the normal repo. In the LE addon i selected HD44780 as Driver.

    My lcdd.conf Looks like this:

    I also tried ConnectionType=rpi, but the LCDD didnt start. Trying to start the LCDD manualy with ConnectionType=rpi caused this error:

    I am not getting a welcome message and the display looks like that:

    What ist wrong? Please help me!

    To keep you informed what doesnt solve the bug:

    Changing window size of the amlgrabber

    Changing video cache

    Using original hyperion

    Using a extra powered usb hub

    Disabling/enabling the amlogic hardware accerlation

    So i have no idea what else i could do...

    Do you use the Libreelec Hyperion Addon??

    I had the same issue with the Libreelec Hyperion Addon, I removed the addon and installed the "normal" hyperion via the "normal" hypercon tool and now the stuttering is gone.

    I also tried the "normal" hyperion via "normal" hypercon. But even then i had the stuttering

    I just tried hyperion from the LE repo. Played a 2 hour 1080p dtshd movie without any issues. I didnt change anything in the advancedsettings.xml.

    My system:

    M8s ii 2/8 gb

    8.0.2e (internal nand)

    I'll keep on testing:shy:

    Edit: livetv stuttering after ca 10 minutes

    Edit2: livetv stuttering gone. Could have been a crane in front of the dish:dodgy:

    Edit3: i have to correct myself. I have also got the stuttering. The settings marciano postet didnt have any effect

    Hi kszaq,

    Just tried you new build 8.0.2e and I have problem with PVR addon vu+/enigma2 client. It working properly on 8.0.1k build but now I'm getting "unknown error when starting addon. Can't start addon".

    The addon is starting before your network connection is ready. Had the same problen. Somewhere is an option like "wait for starting the addon until network is ready".

    Or disable the addon, reboot, wait until network is ready and start the addon manually

    KII pro, I have a lot of problem when start the system with 3 HD connected to USB ports.
    A lot of time, I'm able to see only one HD by time. After many restart, I see all HD but sometimes system restart without reason.
    I updated from afl1 build

    Have you tried using a usb hub with separate power supply?

    Ive got a big problem! Did not exactly what trogggy wrote. I created a file called samba.conf and inserted the code as seen in trogggys post. I did not edit the samba.conf.sample. So the content of my samba.conf is only the code of trogggy.

    Now when trying to acces via windows username and password is needed...

    root libreelec doesnt work. Please help me!

    Edit: solved it by renaming the wrong samba.conf via putty