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    Most banned addons are pretty intrusive and can cause a variety of issues. It's very difficult to troubleshoot when they are present. Hard to know if it's the addons causing the issue, or if it's a genuine LE issue.

    That's why it's a LE policy to require removing banned addons before providing support and help troubleshooting.

    This is our mega guide on letsencrypt: Let's Encrypt, Nginx & Reverse Proxy Starter Guide - 2019 Edition

    Most things will apply but some things are a little different due to addon gui settings vs commandline.

    A couple of things to keep in mind are, the container name on libreelec will be docker.linuxserver.letsencrypt so to see the logs, you do "docker logs docker.linuxserver.letsencrypt" instead of "docker logs letsencrypt"

    Glad to hear it worked. For future reference (and for other users), you could have just used user root and the password you set in the mariadb addon settings in nextcloud. No need to exec in, manually creating a user and messing with permissions

    For docker containers, don't use localhost. Use the server IP.

    If both mariadb and nextcloud are linuxserver addons, then in nextcloud you can simply use "mariadb" as the mysql address and port 3306. The containers can connect to each other directly via docker network by using their container names or aliases set

    You need to be more specific.

    Are you trying to put the data folder on an external drive?

    Then first mount the external drive as user nobody (65534) because that's what nextcloud runs as. Then copy the data folder to it and then change the data folder location to the new location in container settings

    Yup, any external storage path needs to be added via the plugin in the gui.

    When you mount external drives, you need to make sure the permissions are set correctly. Nextcloud runs as user nobody in libreelec, which is 65534 (iirc). So mount the drive as that user and you shouldn't have permission issues.

    Are you accessing through external ip? If so, you'll have to add it to config/config.php as a trusted domain. It's a nextcloud security feature

    Pihole doesn't run in docker very well. Some arguments need to be entered in the container creation step and webui settings changes are reset when it is restarted. Not to mention v4 flat out didn't work on some devices.

    We have released an adguard addon that works much better. I have personally switched over to adguard as well. It is a more polished product.

    You can install that instead, then go to libreelec's ip at port 3000 to do the install wizard (you don't have to change any of those settings) and then it will be available at port 80

    Just an update on the pihole docker addon situation.

    We still do not plan on updating the pihole docker addon due to the issues listed above.

    However, there is now a docker addon for adguard, which is just as good if not better.

    It runs in docker much nicer than pihole. All the settings are done via the gui.

    It is available in the linuxserver docker addon repo.

    Here's a blog article on adguard: AdGuard Home: First Thoughts

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