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    LibreELEC provides an excellent platform for emulation gaming as there's no processes hogging the CPU. Also I apply -O2 compiler optimizations using gcc 7.1 and every emulator/core is built together with the OS. Combined with the latest Mesa version and 4.11 kernel it seems to work very well ;) I had Arch working very well on my NUC previously though, but I rather like the simplistic nature of LE.

    I don't know about attract mode, looks way to flashy for me. I can't see what it does better than either Emulationstation or RetroArch which is already included. Personally I think the best approach is ES with a list view and a nice theme. It doesn't really need any more development, it's already launching games which is what you need. RetroPie is working on adding features to it as well which I could pull in at some point.

    Well escalade, I feel you about flashy frontends, I dont like either (coff coff hyperspin XD), but the reason is, and is a very personal reason, because of this

    You know, flashyness depends entirerly of the theme you like to install, AM is very modular and dynamic, and more user-friendly to configurate than ES or HS or... I dont know

    But, it is work and your decision man; but if you can help, or show the way to compile a personlized fork of your fork with all the patches you apply, would be awesome and super cool XD

    Things I would like to include (or you could ;) )


    vanilla latest mame (retroarch mame still got some problems with a few games, and not, im not referring to a correct romset issue)
    a virtual gamepad (like molten gamepad)



    Keep the good work, you are a spot of light for our couch laziness

    Hi escalade, I got to say it, this versions is fantastic, I'v been following your work for a while, and your version of emulation linux media center has gives me best results.

    I tried many distros.... ubuntu, vanilla arch, manjaro, antergos, and always is the same thing, retroarch gives an awful input delay with my joys, wired and wireless, kms activated and all suff; but in your fork I have not this problems at all, the response of joystick is amazing and super fast (my test: super mario world and bsnes mercury balanced downloaded with core updater). I dont know what kind of black magic you do, but it works, and works great (and my pc is an humble i3, 4gb, intelhd2000)

    There is one thing I would like to ask you, and is, if it is possible to add "attract mode" as an altertative front end, is super easy to configurate, with a lot of options, and clearly has more future than the old, but no least amazing emulation station

    REGARD :)