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    I did test compilation and now it works, but the latest version is now compatible only with 8.0.2b or my latest test builds. The reason is most likely openSSL.

    TVHeadend v. 4.2.2-49


    I am a noob in Libreelec and TVHeadEnd.

    Just got my KII PRO and playing around with it.

    I boot from SD with the earlier version (LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.2a-I.img.gz), and installed TVH Addon ( from zip. I then enabled TVH addon (it was by default enabled). I am able to browse KII PRO from my laptop using window explorer with //<KII PRO IP>,

    but when I tried to use my PC web browser to configure TVH using <KII PRO IP>:9981, I cannot access to TVH web server. It says "connection refused". So I cannot configure and add my TV channels.

    Did I do anything wrong?

    I will be trying the new build (LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.2b-I.img.gz) tonight to see if it makes any different.

    By the way, should I be using TVH ( shown in post #1? Or should I use ( in post #485?

    Thanks in advance.

    Updated: I tired with the libre 8.0.2b and TVH 111b. Now I am able to access it's web server using <KII PRO IP>:9981. I can configure the, TV adapter but I cannot detect any mux.


    1) I used availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-T #0. I need DVB-T2 but I can't find the tv adapter for it. Is it ok?

    2) in network tab, i choose dvb-t as I cannot find t2. Is it ok?

    3) in mux tab, even though tv adapter is tvb-t, i still choose delivery system to be dvb-t2, is it ok?

    4) i manually key in the mux info but scan fail. Anyone from Singapore or Malaysia managed to get tvheadend work on kII PRO? Note that the stock andriod firmware is able to detect all channels.

    Update 2:

    I finally managed to scan all the channels. I didn't put the bandwidth as 8Mhz. I thought auto would work.

    So what now? I still cannot watch TV using libreelec. I read that we need a frontend client? Any link to download?