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    I have a problem with my Mini M8S II (2 / 16GB - S905X). I wanted to use the newest image (both amlgx and amlgxbb). I recorded the image to SD card, unfortunately there was no (there was only aml_autoscript) so I created it via winzip. In the extlinux.conf file I set the file "meson-gxl-s905x-p212.dtb"

    Then I put the card into the android box. Then I turned on the device and waited for android to load. Then I chose the "Update & Restore" option. Unfortunately, after the restart, a message appeared, as in the photo below.

    Unfortunately, the use of a toothpick or any other means does not help either. Can something be done about this to get LibreElec to run on my device?

    Hi to all.

    Can someone please explain how to install these images? I have a Mini M8S II 2 / 16GB (S905X) device and I download both the "amlgx.img.gz" and "amlg12.img.gz" latest versions. After installing with LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32, LibreELEC does not turn on from the card, only the original android. I also uploaded the appropriate (I hope) dtb file from the folder and changed its name to dtb.img.

    Am I doing something wrong or will this version just not work with my device.

    I am asking for advice.