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    One problem I am having with Leia, which I had not with the previous Krypton build, is that my ElGato EyeTV DVB-T stick is not recognized anymore. The firmware module seems to be in place (it should be dvb-usb-dib0700-1.20.fw ), but there is no kernel module/driver to support the stick. I've read elsewhere in this new forum that DVB-T drivers/modules have been moved in Leia under the add-on "LibreELEC Module Drivers", but I am not able to find it.

    Is it a limitation of the current MINIX builds? Where can I find that add-on?


    LE module drivers are missing.

    in my to-do list for the next kodi release

    Using latest "LibreELEC-X8-X8H.arm-LE9-Kodi_18.1, am I the only on that that kodi freezes up at stop/ end of program or movie with Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec > ON ? When I turn it off there are no hangups but quality is not as good. Adjust refresh rate tried off / Start-stop / always , tried them all. Whitelist active and not active. It might be cause I got a 22" monitor(HDMI) behind it. But then again on my U1 I got the same monitor with Coreelec 18.1 and Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec = On and never hangs.

    Had a previous beta version from you that would not hang with the hardware accel. but the shutdown rebeooted.

    So here's is the big question, why does 17.6 not crash when Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec = On ? :shy:

    Both monitors benq 1920/1080 - 50/60 hz.

    Not complaining but wondering if I missed a setting as triks quated above "Don’t forget to enable resolution switch" ...

    the latest version (and the latest version only) use another mali driver commit.

    it solves the "freeze" on fixed refresh rate tv (adjust refresh rate has to be "off") but may introduce other bugs.

    it's a combination of kodi and mali driver. a build with something else than mali r5p1 will not even let kodi start.

    we can't compare it to kodi 17.6 : not the same kodi binaries, not the same driver.

    I But I only have a black screen when the box boots, nothing happens, even if I try to patch the bootloader.

    As there's no splash screen during the boot sequence, it may takes up to 30 sec to get something on the screen.

    I don't own a x8H-plus so it may not works at all.

    As i told you , worst case => reflash

    anyway thanks for the feedback. other returns about this ?

    i will check this and let you know something later

    X8H_plus => uploaded

    1. is boot_autoscript still to be renamed to boot.scr before install?

    2. if we have TV's capable to switch resolution, do we whitelist the supported resolutions in Kodi as before?

    1. it has to be done one time. With the custom android firmware it seems to be not needed anymore.
    2. With 18.1, it doesn't seems to be required anymore. Even with a empty whitelist (and adjust refresh rate activated), it switch to 24hz if needed.

    Hi all,

    I have a x8hp(still running KitKat), and a (maybe) stupid question:

    Does this LE run on armbian?

    And, may I install a window manager on it?


    No it runs on a 3.10 linux. (custom amlogic linux/stabilized-optimized by the LE team)

    And, may I install a window manager on it? => i would ask this to LE team.

    But imo it's not the purpose of LE.

    Thanks for the feedback, i was missing return about fixed IP on the X8HP.

    i will build a test image with a modded dtb.

    - CEC control sometimes work, sometimes not working => what do you mean exactly? just power-on/off the tv ? something with the amp?


    • freeze when adjust refresh rate not activated => fixed (you may enjoy your box with a old/really old tv not supporting a change of refresh rate)
    • mediafire cleaned, only latest images are available

    X8-X8h =>available

    X8HP => building....

    (i've also tested netflix (720p), quite impressed by this old box)

    libreELEC repo “Could not connect to repository”

    i guess i need to build the addons for LE9.1 as devices running Linux 3.10 aren't supported anymore

    As mentioned I did try the “Final” image on 2 X8H+ but both kept giving the file system error on install. Not sure what the issue is there.

    can you try the 17.6 image and let me know which one boots (see #1). Maybe the x8hp dtb's story is back.

    and btw what's your firmware version?