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    oki try this one, it seems to be ok.


    no need to add something via kodi.

    let me know.

    and the x8hp.. LibreELEC-X8-H_Plus.arm-LE9-Kodi_18.1.img

    next : kodi 18.2

    oki try this one, it seems to be ok.


    no need to add something via kodi.

    let me know.


    Update procedure is really straight forward, thanks.

    Unfortunately even after updating to 18.1, the box keep on freezing after pressing stop in a movie. :-(

    seems that there's something between the kodi "resolution" /mali driver. you need to find what's stable for you.

    check how other x8hp users have been successful to get it working.

    :angel: my bad, you have a x8hp and the image is only for the x8-x8h. it can't work

    thanks for the feedback

    and indeed "Pretty weird but it seems to like the 50hz" cause my x8-h is hooked up into a pana plasma 1280×720 60hz (kodi resolution, i'm not speaking about whitelist because i don't have one nor a adjust refresh rate set on start/stop)

    oh ja. I do get a Minix LOGO when the thing boots, so dun know where the black screen story came from :-)

    got this on my x8-h but anyway what matters is that it works

    - Docker addon - I think this is more difficult due to Kernel 3.10. Not sure if is possible to build kernel with Docker needed parameters activated (I've tried for other OS for minix with kernel 3.10, but not succeeded till now). I can't remember if on 17.6 version Docker is working. Can someone with this version confirm?

    latest docker versions aren't "compatible" with a 3.10 kernel

    Not your fault.

    It was experimental.

    I will rebuilt something with the media_build (17.6 image)

    Cannot use fixed ip address, need dhcp, using ethernet => same issue with the kodi 18 image?

    One problem I am having with Leia, which I had not with the previous Krypton build, is that my ElGato EyeTV DVB-T stick is not recognized anymore. The firmware module seems to be in place (it should be dvb-usb-dib0700-1.20.fw ), but there is no kernel module/driver to support the stick. I've read elsewhere in this new forum that DVB-T drivers/modules have been moved in Leia under the add-on "LibreELEC Module Drivers", but I am not able to find it.

    Is it a limitation of the current MINIX builds? Where can I find that add-on?


    LE module drivers are missing.

    in my to-do list for the next kodi release

    Using latest "LibreELEC-X8-X8H.arm-LE9-Kodi_18.1, am I the only on that that kodi freezes up at stop/ end of program or movie with Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec > ON ? When I turn it off there are no hangups but quality is not as good. Adjust refresh rate tried off / Start-stop / always , tried them all. Whitelist active and not active. It might be cause I got a 22" monitor(HDMI) behind it. But then again on my U1 I got the same monitor with Coreelec 18.1 and Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec = On and never hangs.

    Had a previous beta version from you that would not hang with the hardware accel. but the shutdown rebeooted.

    So here's is the big question, why does 17.6 not crash when Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec = On ? :shy:

    Both monitors benq 1920/1080 - 50/60 hz.

    Not complaining but wondering if I missed a setting as triks quated above "Don’t forget to enable resolution switch" ...

    the latest version (and the latest version only) use another mali driver commit.

    it solves the "freeze" on fixed refresh rate tv (adjust refresh rate has to be "off") but may introduce other bugs.

    it's a combination of kodi and mali driver. a build with something else than mali r5p1 will not even let kodi start.

    we can't compare it to kodi 17.6 : not the same kodi binaries, not the same driver.