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    Hello CvH

    Many thanks for you work and contribution to Tvh for LE.

    I am running TVH (RPi2-service.tvheadend42-4.3-1886) as an addon with LE (LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-9.2.6) on an RPi2+, and use it with a DVBT2 dongle (Digital TV Tuner for Xbox).

    I have faced some video-voice sync and stuttering problems while using HTSP client on a DVBT2 mux in my country (no problem when using http streaming with pass profile) and after some investigation. I suspect that these issues may be solved by applying commit Report AAC and AAC-LATM correctly. Always raw stream AAC audio as aud… · tvheadend/tvheadend@34234b2 · GitHub

    I would appreciate if you can apply this change, build and add it to your builds for Tvh- LE9.2 (RPi2)

    Thanks in advance for your contribution


    Maybe H.265 HD channels ?

    I think it is H.264. Mediainfo reports for the first video channel in the transport stream recording:

    Video #1

    ID : 33 (0x21)

    Menu ID : 1 (0x1)

    Format : AVC

    Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec

    Format profile : High@L4

    Format settings : CABAC / 3 Ref Frames

    Format settings, CABAC : Yes

    Format settings, ReFrames : 3 frames

    Codec ID : 27

    Duration : 5 s 940 ms

    Width : 1 920 pixels

    Height : 1 080 pixels

    Display aspect ratio : 16:9

    Frame rate : 25.000 FPS

    Standard : Component

    Color space : YUV

    Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0

    Bit depth : 8 bits

    Scan type : Interlaced

    Scan type, store method : Separated fields

    Scan order : Top Field First

    Color range : Limited

    Color primaries : BT.709

    Transfer characteristics : BT.709

    Matrix coefficients : BT.709

    Hi Tomer

    I am facing similar behavior with LE 9.0.1 + TVH 4.2 server running on Rpi2.

    I can guess that you are referring to IL DVBT/DVBT2 muxes which are the muxes that I am referring to.

    I have tried Kodi HTSP clients on various platforms (Windows, Android, Android TV) and with two type of DVB USB dongle (T230C and XBOX ONE tv device), and they are all playing the IL DVBT mux fine while DVBT2 mux is played with the same effects you have described.

    I have tried other (than Kodi) clients on the same platforms (TiViMate, TVirl, TVHClient, VLC,...) and they all play the DVBT2 mux with no such effects, but they are all using use TVH 'pass' profile for streaming !

    So, I assume that the problem is related to the fact that Kodi HTSP client is always using 'htsp' streaming profile. I have tried setting it to use other profiles but looking at Kodi logs, it seems it always use 'htsp'.

    I don't know whether the problem is with:

    1. The DVBT2 mux

    2. LE TVH server


    3. Kodi HTSP client

    If someone on this forum can investigate the mux data, I can provide a recording of the mux.

    this is a "known" problem (most likely driver)

    had you tested kszaq build 8.0.2d (2017-06-27) with media_build update ? There are new drivers for the 230C maybe it helps. It would be nice if you could provide a dmesg | paste via ssh (it outputs a link) - maybe something obvious appears.

    I have made more tests with several clients, and it seems that the problem was with VLC for windows !

    With smplayer and MPC (windows) the DVBT2 channels played OK.

    With Kodi HTSP client (both windows and RPi2 LibreElec), some of the DVBT2 channels are OK, and some have un-synchronized audio which also have soe "short sound breaks" every 3-4 secs.

    I have experienced the same behavior with the T230C usb stick on a tvheadend server on RPi2 LibreElac and on kazaq LibreElec for Amlogic S812 8.0.2d and 8.0.2e.

    Thanks for your help.

    this is a "known" problem (most likely driver)

    had you tested kszaq build 8.0.2d (2017-06-27) with media_build update ? There are new drivers for the 230C maybe it helps. It would be nice if you could provide a dmesg | paste via ssh (it outputs a link) - maybe something obvious appears.

    After reboot:


    After playing one of the problematic dvbt2 channels with VLC on a windows system"


    Do you think it worth trying with kszaq build 8.0.2e ?

    Thank you CvH for your efforts and work.

    I have installed LE 8.0.2d (by kazaq) on an amlogic s912 H96 pro plus (booting from an sd card) + Mygica T230C DVBT2 USB stick.

    My purpose is to use it as a dvb sever at home.

    I have installed tvh42 from LE addons repo (v 8.1.112) and have set it up for local DVBT and DVBT2 muxes.

    DVBT muxes are decoded and function properly.

    DVBT2 mux is also decoded, but with some services, I am facing audio decoding issues (no sound is reproduced, or sometimes short noisy sound bursts). I have played the streams with VLC on a windows10 pc.

    I have tried tvh40 from the LE addons repo, but muxes scan have no results.

    Do you think that this is a DVBT driver issue or LE related issue ?

    Should I look for adifferent USB DVB stick ?

    Upgrade tvheadend from LibreELEC repository.


    Have updated to tvheadend42 8.1.112 and the T230C now works.

    DVBT network received properly

    DVBT2 network received but with some channels I have audio decoding issues (standard AAC audio). I am not sure whether these are T230C firmware issues or LE/TVheadrnd decoding issues.

    Thank you kasaq for your work.

    I have used 8.0.1h on one of my boxes (h96 pro plus) with tvheadend42 addon and Mygica T230C DVBT2 usb stick and it worked well.

    The stick stick has stop working since first 8.0.2 version, including recent 8.0.2d. (I have upgraded my system by string the LE tar file in the upgrade folder) .

    When configuring the tvheadend42 addon with a web browser, I can see that it recognize the stick HW but mux scans always fail !

    I have also noticed that he hw driver indicates that the stick has DVBT capabilies but as far as I remember from LE 8.0.1, it also indicated that the stick has DVBC capabilities.

    Do you have any idea whether this can be fixed ?

    Are there any other users on this forum that use tvheadend42 with Mygica T230C DVBT2 USB stick ?

    I booted from SD. It was the image LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3_20170614.img.gz

    I burned the image to SD with etcher.

    My m8s is multiboot enabled. So I just put in the sd-card and power on the device. Since the last lan1000 images I had the "filesystem corruption" error, but with the MXIII-plus image everything works fine. Didn't test it very well though, but remote, wifi and lan works OK.

    My ENY M8S box is an 8G/2G s812 box with 100M ethernet and ap6330 based wifi (M8 V8_1 20150418 board).

    I have attached a picture in Demetris LE thread S802/S812-Libreelec images for 7/8/x

    Do you think that we are talking on the same box ?

    I have also enabled multiboot with balbes150 images but could never successfully boot and install any of the images (burned with LE USB SD creator). All I am getting when trying to boot from an SDcard is either the "filesystem corruption" error or the box hangs with the M8S S812 logo.

    I have tried also to boot from an USB stick but the box skips to android.

    When booting with both SDcard and USB stick (burned with the same image and both plugged to the box !) , I could get some advance with LE first boot phase but the second boot phase fails with "couldn't mount LE file system..." .

    Balbes tested yesterday your latest MXIII_Plus image on my ENY M8S and it works like a charm (never thought to try de MXIII-plus version). No corrupted filesystem message, LAN and WIFI works great and it's fast also. So for the moment, nothing to complain.

    I have two M8S boxes:

    1st is a clone which I could boot with balbes150 images (no wifi)

    2nd is an ENY M8S which I couldnt boot (corrupted file system... or hanging with M8S logo...)

    Could you boot your ENY M8S box and install LE to an SDcard or USB stick ?

    Can you give more details about the exact image you have used and the boot/install procedure ?

    Assembled using corrected patch Demetris test image. Visitors can try (version Test_20170614)

    Hello balbes150,

    Many thanks for your efforts.

    I have tried your build of Demetris image on my M8S (clone) which I have tested before with your images (started with toothpick and SDram boot with your image).

    With your build of Demetris image, my M8S seems to boot and function but for some reason when I am trying to access LibreELEC addons repository, it pops a message that the box could not connect to the repository ! (ethernet works fine and the box can access other addon repositories)

    Do you have any idea of how ti fix this ? (I am trying to install and test tvheadend42)

    Assembled using corrected patch Demetris test image. Visitors can try (version Test_20170614)

    Many thanks for your efforts and help with yours and with Demetris images.

    I have an M8S tv box (clone) - 2G ram, 8G rom, 100M ethrenet, BCM4330X wifi

    I could successfully boot and install your LibreELEC-S812.LAN_100.arm-17.3.img.gz on an SDram and USB stick, however, this (and also previous builds) couldnt run tvheadend42. I could install and use only tvheadend4 and have faced some DVB sudio decodin issues.

    I have tried LibreELEC-S812.Test.arm-17.3_20170614.img.gz on a USB stick on the same tv box and could install it on a USB stick. The first problem which I have faced is that there was no LibreELEC repository available and I couldnt install and test tvheadend42 and an HTSP PVR client.

    Later this week, I will try and test this image also o another ENY M8S tv box I own - 2G ram, 8G rom, 100M ethernet, AP6330 wifi. In the past I couldnt install any of yours or Demetris images onto an SDram with this TV box (some have been stucj with the M8S logo and some have reported a corrupted file system).

    I tried balbes150's image too. balbes150's image works fine to power on/suspend and can install on SD card. But I couldn't install tvheadend 4.2 and wifi+bluetooth doesn't work for me. So I looked for lots of images finaly I use Demetir's image, it can't install independetly but I satisfied over all. If I can mix balbes150's image and Demetris image it'll be the most perfect image but I can't. I know only windows and command prompt not linux :(

    If I would be able to install any of balbes150 images on an SD card in the ENY M8S box, I pesume that I would be able to update it with Demetris MXIII-1G image and test it !

    I could install balbes150 LibreELEC-S812.LAN_100.arm-17.3.img.gz on another M8S box that I have (a clone with a BCM4330X wifi) and as you mentioned tvheadend42 is not working with this build (wifi is not so important for me).

    Could you install any of balbes150 images on an SD card with the ENY M8S box ? Can you say which specific image ? I have tried several images and all failed.

    I tried S82 image again, but it doesn't work. Stopping M8S logo forever. I did rollback it and after LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.2a-MXIII-1G.img.gz your image. I did it all just for 5 minuets :)

    Since at this moment I do not want to write the to NAND, I have tried booting with the LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.2a-MXIII-1G.img.gz from an SD card (I have used the toothpick with balbes150 image in the past so my M8S can boot from an SD card)

    The M8S has started booting from the SD card and has detected a corrupted filesystem:

    Filesystem corruption has been detected!

    to prevent an automatic repair attempt continuing,

    press any key or power off your system within the next 120 seconds

    after two minutes it has started a recovery attempt and faild:

    Repairing filesystem...

    e2fsck 1.43.3 (04-Sep-2016)

    /dev/system: clean, 8435/65536 files, 186508/262144 blocks

    e2fsck 1.43.3 (04-Sep-2016)

    /dev/data: clean, 18956/350880 files, 417952/1402880 blocks

    CP437: invalid argument

    fsck.fat 3.0.28 (2015-05-16)

    open: Read-only file system

    e2fsck 1.43.3 (04-Sep-2016)

    fsck.ext4: Read-only file system while trying to opeb /dev/mmcblk8cp2

    Disk wite-protected; use the -n option to do a read-only

    check of the device

    Forced fsck failed. Your system is broken beyond repair

    Please re-install LibreELEC

    Press enter to shutdown now

    I have tried booting with the same image from a USB stick but the M8S didn't detect the USB and skipped to android boot.

    Is there any clue/solution for making this box (ENY M8S) boot from an SD card wit Demetris images ?

    I tried S82 image again, but it doesn't work. Stopping M8S logo forever. I did rollback it and after LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.2a-MXIII-1G.img.gz your image. I did it all just for 5 minuets :)

    It seems that I have exactly the same board as wowwoo

    I have tried in the past most LE8 images from this thread and couldnt install them on an SD card. As wowwoo mentioned the process hangs with the M8S logo (didnt try to install on internal NAND).

    I would be happy being able to install this thread recent image and will wait for Demetris to prepare a 2G image.


    Wowwoo, can you give more detailed instructions for how to install

    on an external SD card ? (Currently I am only familiar with the process of burning an SD card with an img.gz).

    Many thanks