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    The initial production batch will be a small number of S905D3 (VIM3L) boards and the rest are split between VIM3 Basic/Pro using A311D chip - there are no more boards with S922X. Kodi runs fine on a board with 1GB ram and has no need for accelerometers, camera interfaces, or NPU functions. So it will be a nice fast board, but I think the VIM3L will be more aligned to LE user needs and budget. I also have an educated hunch we'll see more plot twists before Khadas settles on the final line-up for the VIM3 family.

    So you mean that the discount launch boxes will have the s905D3 chipset? what do you think this will mean for performance and maybe even more important, software support?


    i am having some issues with the following script:

    1. (
    2. echo "works" >> ~/autostart.log;
    3. )&
    4. ./ &
    5. nohup ./ & is located in the same folder as and i have done a chmod a+x on it. It has the same code as the first command in

    1. #!/bin/bash
    2. echo "works2" >> ~/autostart.log

    But for some reason, it only writes works to autostart.log. How do i properly execute a shellscript from