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    I did some tests about month ago, to try if it is possible at all.

    I run a docker image of Ubuntu 16.04 aarch64, stopped Kodi, started X server with fbturbo driver, and I managed to launch Chromium Browser and open a webpage.

    So it is possible, but needs a lot of work, and I could need a help with developing Chromium as an addon to Libreelec for ARM boards. I will have more time on September and will try to bring Chromium to ARM/aarch64. Now I am too busy and do nothing about it.

    But it could be great on 2GB RAM devices to see Chromium :D


    I am playing with LibreElec and found that Chromium can not be run on ARM platform. I decided to check it by preparing a docker image containing Ubuntu Core, X server, Chromium browser or even Ubuntu Desktop. I actually managed to start and display webpage in Chromium. Some things must be repaired, but I want to play with that.

    Essentially I need to run a script when Addon is loaded and return to LibreElec when script exits.
    Where I can find any example addon for LibreElec?