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    Do you know if there is OE 7 (Krypton) for the X8HP?? Thanks for the post really helped me out

    There is no OE development on Amlogic anymore, all the developers moved to Libreelec.

    You would follow this process.

    You would then put the .tar file for either the Demetris or balbes150 image of your preference to give you Libreelec 8.x (Krypton).

    Current best DIY Bang for the Buck Box: (dual boot / NO WiFi)

    $35 S905X MECOOL M8S Pro+ due to including a decent IR learning remote & Worldwide Plug compatible Power supplies.

    Also included is Android DRM Widevine L1 / HDCP 1.x support for 1080p 5.1 DD+ audio - Netflix, and other ATV DRM streaming Apps, when used with a nice unofficial Android TV (Nougat) ROM.

    Index of /MECOOL/

    Is the Android TV Experience comparable with that of Android TV on WeTek Play 2 using the [ROM] [Play 2] [Marshmallow] Android TV v2.3 by ricardopvz?

    I'm also using the Libreelec (community build) LibreELEC Krypton/Leia/Agile Play2 64bit kernel, 32bit libs from Raybuntu, on a high speed Lexar SD-Card.

    I love the way the WeTek boxes work with native dual-boot.

    Would I be better buying another WeTek or is the Mecool close enough to be imperceptible, at half the price?