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    GDPR-2 the module itself is not a problem. But the firmware for qca9377 ends up in /usr/lib/kernel-overlays/base/lib/firmware/firmware/. It took me 20 minutes to realize the problem is that as mentioned earlier the creates $INSTALL/usr/lib/kernel-overlays/base/lib/firmware so that the cp -PR copies the folder named firmware from the deb and not only its content into $INSTALL/usr/lib/kernel-overlays/base/lib/firmware/. That means the module can't load any needed firmware. The symlink stuff works fine.

    1. [ [email protected]] wlan: loading driver v4.5.20.037
    2. [ [email protected]] android_readwrite_file: file /lib/firmware/wlan/qcom_cfg.ini filp_open error
    3. [ [email protected]] wlan: driver load failure

    GDPR-2 there is a problem with the firmware for qca9377 they get copied to /usr/lib/kernel-overlays/base/lib/firmware/firmware/.

    So right now no wifi with that chip.

    1. makeinstall_target() {
    2. mkdir -p $INSTALL/usr/lib/kernel-overlays/base/lib/firmware
    3. cp -PR lib/firmware $INSTALL/usr/lib/kernel-overlays/base/lib/firmware
    4. cp -P usr/share/doc/qca-firmware/copyright $INSTALL/usr/lib/kernel-overlays/base/lib/firmware/LICENSE.qca
    5. }

    The mkdir should not include firmware as that is the only difference between your and that from kszaq.

    And I noticed rebootfromnand only does a regular reboot.

    When I play the H.264 1080p/24.000 sample file (from Samples - Official Kodi Wiki) , the codecinfo overlay it says it is running at 23.976 fps.

    Same for the H.264 1080p/60.000 sample file, it is showing as running at 59.94 instead of 60. All the other samples play correctly.

    It's the same for me but i never noticed it since most of my movies are 23.976 or 25.000 or 50.000 fps. But I also found a 1080p/30.000 file where codecinfo shows 29.970fps. After enabling the debug info I noticed that the framerate seems to be correct.

    The same files actually show the same behavior on android and kodi on the same box.

    I have a quit big problem with your build/sources as i can't access the libreelec addons repository.
    Tested it with official 7.90.002, Irusak's build where it works but with your build and selfbuild from your sources it says it can't connect to repo with the folling error in kodi.log

    1. 04:05:18  50.644604 T:1755956128   ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: HTTP returned error 403
    2. 04:05:18  50.644848 T:1755956128   ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 403 for
    3. 04:05:18  50.645016 T:1755956128   ERROR: Open - failed to open source <>
    4. 04:05:18  50.645130 T:1755956128   ERROR: CRepositoryUpdateJob[] failed read checksum for directory ''
    5. 04:05:22  55.156284 T:1962332160   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting addons://
    6. 04:05:22  55.156841 T:1962332160   ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(addons:// failed