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    Pretty much everything. I want my skin settings, custom menus, any other settings, wallpapers, addons, addon settings, etc. I restore the backup to the other PIs essentially. I want to exclude (or later modify) the files with the device name.

    I have 3 Libreelec Pis setup. I often make changes on one and then copy everything to the others. I then manually have to go to the devices and change the device name in 2 places. One in Kodi settings and one in Libreelec settings. I am wondering if these are in a text file I can just update or if I can avoid copying this file(s) with the device name.

    I'm having problems with this technique (backing up and restoring to a different Pi). Is the backup device dependent? They are all running Libreelec 8.25, but one is a P3B+, one is a Pi2 and one is a P3B. It seems to freeze/error out during the restore (not sure if I can look for an error somewhere without watching it for the whole time).

    If restoring from within LE to a new card you need approx 2.5 times the backup file size in free space to perform the restore; because you have to copy the backup file to /storage first before the settings addon uncompresses the backup file during the restore process, and the OS requires some working buffer space during the archive extraction process. The backup file is just a standard .tar archive so there's no magic involved.

    The backup file is around 2.8GB, so I should be okay.

    Yes/No depending on how you took the backup.

    If you backed-up using our backup function you only copied the data within the filesystem (which is less than 16GB, usually not much more than 3-4GB even for a large media collection) so it should be quite simple to restore 3-4GB of data to a 16GB card. If you were inappropriately obsessed with "backing up the whole card" like most Pi users and you image dumped the full 32GB SD card, then no, you cannot restore the 32GB image to the smaller 16GB card without breaking the filesystem. It's still technically possible to break and then repair the filesystem, but that requires expert knowledge of filesystems and some software tools, and you need to hope all the data was within the first 16GB (likely, but not guaranteed).

    If making backups, focus on the small amount of data on /storage, not the entire SD card. It's faster and easier to backup the ~4GB of data on the card than the full 16GB or 32GB of SD card which is mostly empty.

    Okay. Thanks. I did the Libreelec backup from settings.

    I know I could take an image of the 32gb card and shrink it using Linux mumbo jumbo, but this seemed easier since I am not really that familiar.

    Use the backup and restore functions in the LE settings add-on to clone the small amount of data on the card instead of cloning the entire card. It will be faster and doesn't hit issues when the sector count on one card is different to the other.

    Thanks. I didn't see that option when I looked for it originally. It is deeper under the system menu.

    Is the .tar file an image? Can that only be restored to a system with LibreElec already on it or can it be written to a blank SD card? I believe it has to be restored to a functioning system and then it becomes a 2 step process (image LibreElect to SD card and then do the restore).

    I have my install all working (Pi2) and setup how I want it. I want to image the SD card for my other Pi and to make a backup. The issue is it shows as 2 different drives in Windows. I think one is Fat32 and the other is EXT4. Using OpenElec I just used Win32 Disk Imager to make an image of the one drive that showed up and then wrote that. Thanks