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    Just want to say that the problem seem to exist till today. I also was searching for months for the solution of the 25FPS stutter problem, played around with each and every Kodi Setting. In another Kodi based Forum this thread was mentioned and brought me to the solution/workaround.

    Are there any plans when this will be fixed? I could imagine as this is such a general problem many users are affected by it.

    Hello everyone,

    I've a problem with micro stutter in the Netflix addon for a while now. At seemingly arbitrary times every couple of seconds / minutes the playback of a video stutters slightly but noticeably for a few seconds. As far as I could find out, this affects H264 streams, at 25FPS in FullHD, e.g. the german series "Freud". With other formats / resolutions / refresh rates the problem doesn't seem to exist, e.g. American series in 24p and FullHD or with lower resolution of the problematic video.

    For all videos - both the problematic and the unproblematic ones - the Samsung TV switches to the correct refresh rate / resolution.

    When I look at the video details (key "O") during playback, I see that for the problematic H264 videos the hardware decoding is set to "Inactive" and the inputstream decoder is used. I think this is normal because Netflix needs inputstream.adaptive, right? Nevertheless, the CPU is not overloaded, at most 40% used, RAM is used 15%.

    That's how Kodi is currently configured, I have also experimented with other settings, but without success:

    Settings / Player:

    • Adjust refresh rate: always
    • Synchronize playback with screen: off
    • HQ Scaler for scaling greater than: 0%.
    • Allow hardware acceleration - VAAPI: on
    • Use MPEG-2 VAAPI: on
    • Use MPEG-4 VAAPI: on
    • VC-1 Use VAAPI: on
    • Use VP8 VAAPI: on
    • Use VP9 VAAPI: on
    • Use HEVC VAAPI: on

    Image settings during playback:

    • Video scaling method: Lanczos3 - Optimized
    • Tone Mapping: Reinhard

    The environment:

    Kodi 18.6 runs under LibreElec 9.2.2 on a Zotac ZBox CI327NANO (Quad Core Celeron N3450@2200MHz, 4GB RAM, SSD).

    Netflix Addon is version 1.1.1

    InputStream Adaptive Addon is version

    Internet connection is 500MBit with stable download rate, according to speed test. Kodi is connected to the router via Gigabit LAN cable (no WLAN).

    Does anybody have an idea where else you could look for something? I slowly can't think of anything anymore, I've been trying to get a grip on the whole thing for a while now.

    Thanks for every hint :)

    Many greetings


    Hi everybody,

    just updated Libreelec to 8.0.2 and noticed, that my smart playlists stopped working (can't say for sure if it really could have sth. to do with the update).

    When I choose each of them in the playlist dialog nothing happens.

    Just to test I created a new one ("test.xsp") with the "New Smart Playlist.." GUI. It was saved but behaves the same as the older ones.

    This is in kodi.log:

    Any hint what could get wrong here?

    Thx in advance!