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    I am trying to create this dual boot but I have no knowledge of Ubuntu and I am stuck with this step already:

    I am unable to Copy LibreElec to target file-system when using this code:

    cp /media/ubuntu/LIBREELEC/KERNEL /mnt/sda6/

    I got:

    cp: cannot stat '/media/ubuntu/LIBREELEC/KERNEL no such file or directory

    I am still in Ubuntu and also the Libreelec media usb is connected and mounted to sda6

    Finally I succeeded to create a local user in windows 10 with username and password and now I am able to access my samba shares from my X96.

    But when disable smb1 now I do not have access to the LE files on my windows 10. I created a registry key to enable smb2 but i am not able to access LE folders because windows 10 does not see my LE folders and also windows 10 stopped access to my SEAGATE Central folders. So it's the other way around.

    The security patch is included. I wonder where did you get the warning from?

    I am using a dutch community build over your amlogic build and when i am in the community build it says you're using Kodi 17.1 please update to 17.3 because of security issues... In your 8.01 l build Kodi 17.1 is included. I will stop using Amlogic builds untill you include Kodi 17.3 in a build unless you are saying it is very low risk. I have another device properly running 17.3 in LibreElec 18.02. It's a ChromeBox and I did the update with it. Sorry I don't want to pressure you but I think it's very important to update to Kodi 17.3 as stated by

    I also got a blank system page when filling in updateAll.php as update channel...