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    Hi, nice tutorial, but I'm having problems from get go!

    I have Wetek Play 2 and using kszaq 8.1.5 LE for 905. Works like a charm!

    Problem I have is I open SSH via putty and type: /storage/.config - I get error

    "-sh: /storage/.config: Permission denied"

    When I type "dmesg –c" I get a load of text, but when I press remote key, nothing happens.

    Please can you help?

    Hi kszaq as always, awesome build - works fantastic on my Wetek Play. I've downloaded the remote.config as per your instructions on this thread.

    Just one question - how can I emulate the sms type letters behaviour on the remote keypad (e.g. pressing "2" gives ABC) as I find this invaluable when scrolling through my several hundred ripped movies.

    Many thanks

    The only thing you would see is slightly better initial H264 decoding performance when you skip about video in Kodi on the AML S905 that is found in the Hub/Play2/ODROID C2. So not much at all.

    Any video output color differences will be for the S905X only.

    spinecho , everything works good on kszaq build except dvb tuner (there is no support for it in this build)

    Thanks Guys - so I may as well stick with GDPR-1 build at the moment. :thumbup::thumbup:

    Hi Guys!

    Found out about this build via Wetek forums (from GDPR-1 - I've been using his build)

    I have a Wetek Play 2 - would I benefit with changing to kszaq Nougat build for better colour etc, or will there be no difference with Wetek Play 2?

    I ask as I've seen discussion regarding S905 vs S905x and I'll freely admit I have no idea what Wetek Play 2 is!!!