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    @milhousThank you for your reply.

    So basically I have to wait until 8.2.1 is released?

    In the meantime you say that enabling Samba in LibreELEC has nothing to do with client. Forgive me but although I've been using LibreELEC since OpenELEC days I've never embarked into SMB/Samba shares.

    Is there a simple guide that includes what I need to do in Windows, LibreELEC and Kodi to achieve sharinf files over Wi-Fi?


    I've got an old Windows 7 PC that I don't use anymore.

    Thought I could use it as a media server and share the movies etc. on it to my Wetek Play 2 running kszaq [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X via samba over Wi-Fi.

    However I have spent several hours trying to set this up, but LibreElec just cannot (won't??) see the samba share. I've enabled samba in LibreElec and followed the guide to enable sharing folders in Windows 7.

    I can see the Windows folders over Wi-Fi on my other laptop also running Windows 7, on LibreElec, browse shows nothing and even if I enter the share manually I get an error "File exists".

    What am I doing wrong??

    Hi Guys,

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong here...I'm trying to install on sd card to my Wetek Play 2.

    I've downloaded img.gz file and used both Rufus & LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator to burn image to SD card. However the installation hangs at the 1st splash screen (the one that says Press power button to boot to Internal NAND) and won't go any further! I cannot install this build.

    Any help?

    I think you all guys really need to read the first post carefully or if you don't like long reads perhaps only my signature? Why does everybody ignore a very simple request to create a separate thread and post logs?

    Test build for you: LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2-devel-20171003212713-r26313-gb574f6d.tar

    Thanks kszaq apologies for the dumb question....will this update work on my Wetek Play 2 currently running your 8.1.9 build?

    Suspend works ok on my Wetek Play 2 and will resume with remote!

    However, is there a way of restarting Kodi on resume from suspend?

    On my old PC which had LibreElec installed on it, I'm sure I used "systemctl restart Kodi" via But this doesn't seem to have an effect on Android.

    Can anyone help?

    Sorry, what I mean is:

    When you type '/storage/.config' what are you trying to do? That's just the folder remote.conf should be in - looking at the first post the OP is just giving you an address, a place to stick the file, not an instruction to type. I can see how it's not clear if you're unfamiliar with putty / ssh.

    Do you have a remote.conf that you want to stick in /storage/.config?

    D'Oh! sorry - told you I was luddite! Ok...think I've got it now.

    So I start with blank remote.conf file in '/storage/.config'? And then follow instructions from there?

    thanks in advance for your help.

    That's what you'd expect to see. What are you trying to do?

    Um..create a custom remote.conf file for my LibreELEC on Wetek Play 2 .

    Sorry, I don't mean to come across as sarcastic, but if that's to be expected, what is the guide for?

    I'm a bit of a luddite when it comes to LibreELEC, I managed to create a custom keymap file, but it seems that this does not work with kszaq's 8.1.5 build and hence the remote.conf. I'll admit, I don't understand!!!

    Hi, nice tutorial, but I'm having problems from get go!

    I have Wetek Play 2 and using kszaq 8.1.5 LE for 905. Works like a charm!

    Problem I have is I open SSH via putty and type: /storage/.config - I get error

    "-sh: /storage/.config: Permission denied"

    When I type "dmesg –c" I get a load of text, but when I press remote key, nothing happens.

    Please can you help?

    Hi kszaq as always, awesome build - works fantastic on my Wetek Play. I've downloaded the remote.config as per your instructions on this thread.

    Just one question - how can I emulate the sms type letters behaviour on the remote keypad (e.g. pressing "2" gives ABC) as I find this invaluable when scrolling through my several hundred ripped movies.

    Many thanks

    The only thing you would see is slightly better initial H264 decoding performance when you skip about video in Kodi on the AML S905 that is found in the Hub/Play2/ODROID C2. So not much at all.

    Any video output color differences will be for the S905X only.

    spinecho , everything works good on kszaq build except dvb tuner (there is no support for it in this build)

    Thanks Guys - so I may as well stick with GDPR-1 build at the moment. :thumbup::thumbup:

    Hi Guys!

    Found out about this build via Wetek forums (from GDPR-1 - I've been using his build)

    I have a Wetek Play 2 - would I benefit with changing to kszaq Nougat build for better colour etc, or will there be no difference with Wetek Play 2?

    I ask as I've seen discussion regarding S905 vs S905x and I'll freely admit I have no idea what Wetek Play 2 is!!!